WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Do NOT continue reading unless you want to know what will happen when “The Walking Dead” returns Feb. 9.

Holy rumor mill! “The Walking Dead” is taking a break for two months after an explosive (and deadly) midseason finale … but that doesn’t mean that fans of the AMC series are taking time off as well. With Rick’s group of survivors injured, separated and forced to abandon the prison, a lot of lives are in danger. Viewers have a ton of questions regarding their fate, and fortunately fans who live near where “The Walking Dead” shoots have been able to catch the cast filming scenes for the second half of season 4. So, what did local fans spy?

Passionate members of the “Walking Dead Fans/ Stalkers” Facebook page reported that filming was going on in Milner, Ga., with cast members Chad Coleman (Tyreese), Melissa McBride (Carol) and a “set of twins, young looking babies.” “I think it was Judith,” Facebook member Mark Rosenthal explained to fellow fans. “My mind was thinking a lot at the time. Why would Chad and Melissa be at the same spot … Hmmm … Does he know or not know?”

Rosenthal is referring to the character Tyreese discovering that Carol killed his girlfriend, Karen. Viewers will remember that in episode 8 Rick and Daryl were about to tell Tyreese that Carol was responsible for Karen’s death, but were distracted by the Governor’s attack on the prison.

The reported on-set discovery appears to answer the question: Did baby Judith die?

At the end of the midseason finale, Rick and Carl discovered Judith’s baby carrier – but the baby wasn’t inside. Instead the Grimes family found blood and immediately suspected that Judith died during the Governor’s attack. However, fans doubted that the baby was killed. Instead one theory circulating was that Lizzy and the rest of the kids took Judith out of the carrier. After Lizzy saved Tyreese from getting killed by Alisha, she ran back toward the prison – possibly to get the rest of her friends. Tyreese ran after her, and while the show didn’t reveal what happened next, some viewers are speculating that he found the baby.

“The Walking Dead” will return to AMC with new episodes on Sunday, Feb. 9.

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