In 2020, dogs were man and/or woman’s best friend in more ways than they ever have been before, meaning that our furry friends need to be honored more than ever this holiday season with great gifts.

Luckily, if you’re stumped on what to get perhaps the most faithful and loyal (or only) companion you had this year, there are plenty of different things to choose from.

Whether your dog needs new toys, treats, accessories or something else, these seven options are perfect for dogs of all kinds.


Complete Collection- LORD JAMESON
Lord Jameson Organic Treats are a healthy way to thank your furry best friend this season for everything they’ve been for you this year. Lord Jameson

If you just want to make sure your best friend has special treats to snack on through another potential round of quarantine, or you give them treats no matter the circumstances, then some options from the whole line of Lord Jameson Organic snacks are the perfect gift. Starting at $12.99 there are options for every pet—including festive holiday flavors like Holiday Cobbler, Gingerbread and Hanukkah Gelt—to everyday health and wellness snacks and other treats, like Berry Best, Blue Bliss, Celebration Bash, Coco Crush, Daily Greens, Everyday Calm, Golden Health and Savory Sweet.

Gift Box large-FARM HOUNDS
Farm Hounds has healthy snacks that make a perfect Christmas gift for dogs. Farm Hounds

Another great option for Natural treats is Farm Hounds, containing all raw ingredients with plenty of nutritional value. Starting at $15.00 and available as either single bags or in subscription boxes, they’re another fantastic option for your best friend.

Those who want a fun gift idea for Fido or Fluffy will love Busch Dog Brew. Busch Dog Brew

If you just want your furry best friend to feel the same way as your human one, or you want to kick back with them the way you used to with that previously mentioned human companion, then the Busch Dog Brew would be the perfect gift. A 4-pack costs $9.99 and lets your pup enjoy the experience of a brewski—without, of course, what makes it a brew for of-age adults.

Health Care And Accessories

Whistle GO Explore_Family-WHISTLE
The Whistle GO Explore collar is a great gift for those trying to track their pet’s health. Whistle

If tracking your pet’s health is important then the Whistle GO Explore might be an investment worth making. The collection of collars track changes in your pet’s sleep, licking, scratching and drinking habits, delivers weekly wellness reports, has live location tracking and also lets them see if their pet is meeting daily activity goals. It can be purchased here for $129.95 (+ subscription), but there are cheaper options available as well.

Wisdom Essential Box-WISDOM
Wisdom Panel Essential DNA tests might be the perfect way to treat your pet this year. Wisdom

Pet parents hoping to not only track their pet’s wellness but see what they could be predisposed to will want to invest in the Wisdom Panel Essential dog DNA test ($99.99). The test allows pet parents to swab and uncover ancestry, traits and other key health insights. The test can identify breed mixes down to 1%, help owners understand their pet’s ideal weight range and even help them screen for more than 25 genetic mutations and conditions such as MDR1, which can help them understand which medications and procedures they can and cannot give their dog.

1200x700_jagger+bottle-PRINCELY PUP
Princely Pup Dry Shampoo is a great gift for keeping your fur baby’s coat healthy. Princely Pup

Perhaps helping keep your lovable animal clean and fresh is more what you were thinking this holiday season? If bath time itself can be a bit difficult, then Princely Pup Dry Shampoo might be just what you’re looking for. This natural product allows you to keep your dog’s coat cleansed, deodorized and soft in-between actual baths. It’s available here for $18.00.

Outfit your dog in style this holiday season with the Tito’s Vodka Tail Waggers Kit. Tito's Vodka

Lastly, if your pup just needs some new style, then Tito’s Vodka (The Vodka for Dog People) has the perfect Tail Waggers Kit—featuring a stylish branded collar, leash and bandana that your pet can rock the next time they head to the dog park. Get it here for $35.00.