“American Idol” alum Kellie Pickler is joining the Hallmark family, and she’s doing so with a brand-new holiday film. “Christmas at Graceland,” which also stars Wes Brown, premieres on Saturday as part of the network’s 2018 Countdown to Christmas event.

This is a special movie because on top of being Pickler’s first Hallmark flick, it also features some singing from the two leads. Plus, it was filmed on location at the home of the late Elvis Presley, and the soundtrack includes some of his classic songs.

It all starts off when single mom and businesswoman Laurel Cooper (Pickler) is sent back to her hometown of Memphis to close an important deal. She decides to stay with her seven-year-old daughter, Emma (Claire Elizabeth Green), at a guesthouse on Presley’s Graceland estate while in town.

“There, amid the elaborate holiday decor, Laurel comes face-to-face with her ex-boyfriend, Clay (Brown), a handsome local concert promoter, who she abruptly walked out on years earlier when they performed together as an up-and-coming musical act,” the synopsis shares. “Though still upset with Laurel for leaving as they were on the verge of a record deal, Clay finds himself becoming romantically interested in her once again.”

hallmark graceland synopsis
Kellie Pickler and Wes Brown sing their hearts out while falling in love in “Christmas at Graceland” on Hallmark Channel. Crown Media / Katherine Bomboy

Laurel doesn’t care too much about starting things up with him again, though, because she’s focused on finishing her work and getting back home with her daughter before Christmas. To get things moving, she meets up with the president of the local bank chain that she needs to close the deal with. Unfortunately, the president has some issues with the offer and doesn’t accept the terms.

“Meanwhile, Clay goes to work arranging Graceland’s Christmas Eve concert, hoping the show’s success will land him his dream job of working at a major New York music management company,” the synopsis continues. “As Christmas Eve draws near, the concert’s headlining act suddenly drops out and Clay asks Laurel to perform a duet with him in their place.”

As the two spend more time together and Laurel enjoys all the local Christmas events, she starts to remember how much she loved both Memphis and Clay. At the same time, Clay starts to question if he really wants to head to New York.

“But when Laurel’s boss, Hatcher (Ned Vaughn), discovers she hasn’t yet closed the deal — and that she’s been ‘distracted’ by her upcoming performance in the Graceland Christmas show — he demands she immediately return to Chicago,” the synopsis continues. “With Christmas Eve at hand, a saddened Laurel prepares to leave Graceland and tells Clay she won’t be able to perform in the show.”

As the concert starts, the Lauren and Clay must decide if leaving is what they both truly want or if it’s staying in Memphis together that makes them happy.

“Christmas at Graceland” debuts on Hallmark Channel on Saturday at 8 p.m. EST.