A new version of the Google Chrome browser app is being rolled out to iPhones and iPads today. In this updated version, a new feature that is very similar to a Safari browser feature is added. Minor improvements are also present. 

On Wednesday, Google launched Chrome version 57.0.2987.100 on the App Store of the iPhone and iPad. The main component of this update is the addition of the Reading List feature. This feature enables users to save articles they found while surfing the web and they are store them in an easy-to-access list. When users then want to continue reading the articles, they can open them from the list. What’s good about this feature is works like a charm even when offline viewing. 

The feature is called Reading List. It sounds familiar because Apple’s Safari browser has a feature with the same name and the same functionality. To use this feature on the iPhone of iPad, one should click on the Share icon and press Read Later. Doing so will save a webpage as an entry to the Reading List. Because the page is saved on the device, users can open it later for viewing even when there’s no internet connection. 

Despite being very similar to Safari’s Reading List, there are still differences that set the two apart. For instance, Chrome’s Reading List is only available on iOS devices and not on desktops and laptops. On the contrary, Safari’s version is available to both mobile and macOS-running computers, as pointed out by Apple Insider

Another noticeable difference between Apple and Google’s Reading List is found on the interface of the feature. Safari combines all the entries users save into a single list, while Chrome separates items based on whether they have been read or have yet to be read still. 

Google Chrome version 57.0.02987.100 is clocks in at 94.3 MB and is compatible with devices running iOS 9.0 or later.