• Chuck Norris has an estimated net worth of $70 million as of 2020
  • He opened a chain of karate schools and has taught many celebrities and notable personalities 
  • He recently shut down claims that he was present during last week's Capitol riots

Chuck Norris is still worth tens of millions despite having been away from the spotlight for quite some time now. And contrary to rumors going around, he’s still alive and kicking.

Norris has an estimated net worth of $70 million as of 2020, according to the website Celebrity Net Worth.

Known for being a martial arts master and competitive champion, Norris became a popular action star on the big screen through hit movies such as 1983's "Lone Wolf McQuade" and 1984's "Missing in Action." He also found massive success on television with the CBS drama, "Walker, Texas Ranger," which ran from 1993 to 2001.

In Screen Rant's ranking of his best movies based on their IMDb ratings, “The Way Of The Dragon” topped the list with a score of 7.3, followed by “Lone Wolf McQuade” and “Code of Silence.” Norris starred in 1972's “The Way Of The Dragon” alongside Bruce Lee. The fight scene between the two was considered one of the best in cinematic history and pushed Norris as America’s answer to Lee.

Before making waves as an action star, Norris joined the Air Force in 1958 after graduating high school and served as an air policeman, a report from Snopes revealed.

Norris constantly appears in memes about martial arts to this day, and he has the credentials to back it up. He has won many martial arts championships and even founded his own discipline, Chun Kuk Do. The actor also opened a chain of karate schools and has taught many celebrities and notable personalities, including Steve McQueen, Chad McQueen, Bob Barker, Priscilla Presley, Donny Osmond and Marie Osmond, according to his website.

On the personal side, the 80-year-old actor put up for sale a property in Texas he co-owned with his brother. The price tag in 2013 was $2.1 million. It features its own lake, four bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Meanwhile, Norris’ name made headlines recently as rumors surfaced that he was at the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6. A photo surfaced online showing one of the rioters posing with a man who looks similar to Norris.

The actor's rep has since shut down these claims. "This is not Chuck Norris and is a wannabe look-alike, although Chuck is much more handsome,” Norris' rep, Erik Kritzer, said in a statement obtained by NBC News.

Norris is a known conservative and supported Donald Trump in 2016, part of the reason why some believed that the man in the photo was actually him. However, he did not publicly endorse any candidate during the 2020 presidential election.

Despite not having any movies or projects recently, the Oklahoma native remains the subject of nasty online rumors, especially death hoaxes. In June last year, rumors of Norris dying of COVID-19 spread on social media due to a joke Facebook post.

Other celebrities who have not been spared from death hoaxes include Richard Gere, Clint Eastwood and Alex Trebek. Trebek passed away in 2020, but Gere and Eastwood are very much alive.

Chuck Norris
Martial arts guru Chuck Norris fathered children with second wife, model Gena O'Kelley, when he was in his early 60s. Reuters