Backed by industry-leading purity and a total commitment to product transparency, the range at Cibdol includes over 35 high-quality cannabinoid-based products. To find out what Cibdol has to offer, and how you can tailor your CBD experience, keep reading.

Meeting Customer Needs With the Power of CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an incredibly versatile compound. Not only does it have broad therapeutic potential, but it blends harmoniously with thousands of ingredients.

With the right expertise, CBD can complement ranges such as skincare, edibles, and more. As you would expect, Cibdol is pioneering the development of CBD products with a range that covers dozens of these categories.

However, CBD isn't all Cibdol has to offer. While the core of their products focuses on the power of cannabidiol, Cibdol is also venturing into niche cannabinoid products with CBN and CBG. By taking the benefits of the entourage effect to new heights, Cibdol is expanding the already extensive capabilities of CBD.

What CBD Products Does Cibdol Sell?

Previously, we've covered Cibdol's core values and how they are defining the industry standard for quality control and purification. Now it's time to explore Cibdol’s comprehensive catalogue of CBD oils, creams, supplements, beauty, and exclusive CBD deals.


CBD oil remains the most popular way to enjoy cannabidiol's influence. Not only is it available in a variety of concentrations (from 2.5–40%), but there are also several carrier oils to choose from.

Although carrier oils don't enhance the effects of CBD directly, they do offer nutritional benefits, and, depending on your lifestyle, some may be more suitable than others. The majority of Cibdol's CBD oils include olive oil for its high concentration of monounsaturated fats and vitamins E and K.

You'll also find CBD Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Black Cumin Seed Oil varieties. The former offers an authentic hemp experience with its nuttier taste and abundance of omega fatty acids. The latter comes from the Nigella sativa plant for a holistic approach to well-being.

Cibdol's CBD oil range also includes Liposomal CBD Oils. Available in two concentrations (2.5% and 4%), don't be put off by the comparatively low levels of CBD. Thanks to pharmaceutical-grade liposomes, active CBD molecules are protected as they travel through the body. This allows more CBD to reach the bloodstream, for an impact up to four times greater than traditional CBD oils.

CBD Capsules

Although not a category of their own, CBD capsules are worth considering if you want to experience the influence of CBD oil without the taste or odour. Softgel capsules make consumption straightforward and discreet while taking advantage of the same golden-grade CBD as Cibdol CBD oil.

CBD Creams

The CBD Creams range from Cibdol includes three certified Class I medical devices alongside a highly effective hand cream. Soridol, Aczedol, and Zemadol provide localised relief from symptoms of psoriasis, acne, and eczema respectively.

Thanks to a unique formula of CBD, colloidal oatmeal, and liposomes, each cream works in tandem with the skin's protective qualities. And, if you don't need relief from the conditions outlined above, Cibdol's CBD Hand Cream harnesses natural ingredients to soothe tired hands.

CBD Supplements

Supplementation with CBD-based products has become a popular way to benefit from numerous compounds at once. In addition to golden-grade CBD, Cibdol's range of CBD supplements includes liposomes, vitamins, melatonin, capsaicin, and eucalyptus.

Cibdol's Meladol helps support a natural sleep cycle thanks to a sophisticated blend of CBD and melatonin. The latter is a powerful hormone whose levels are disrupted by blue light and stress. Meladol works to restore this much-needed hormone and naturally encourage restful sleep.

If sleeping isn't an issue, but staying active is, then consider CBD Heating Balm. Infused with CBD and vanillyl butyl, this exclusive formula keeps joints and muscles supple.

There's also the CBD Nasal Spray to consider. All too often, hay fever and common colds can keep us from embracing life to the fullest. Cibdol recognised the need for a versatile approach to congestion, developing a sophisticated blend of CBD, eucalyptus, and capsaicin.

CBD Beauty

One of the fastest-growing sectors in the industry, CBD cosmetics are gaining traction thanks to the versatility of CBD and its synergy with tried and tested ingredients. Whether you need anti-aging creams, day creams, face serums, or eye-rollers, Cibdol has all your needs covered (literally).

Incredibly pure CBD works alongside essential vitamins, mango seed butter, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and much more to soothe, protect, and moisturise all skin types. In fact, many of the ingredients in Cibdol's CBD Beauty range are proven skincare compounds, which, with a little support from the therapeutic embrace of CBD, are becoming an essential part of people's daily skincare regime.


Originating from "mother cannabinoid" CBGA, CBG is another non-toxic cannabinoid that could have a vast influence on the human body.

Until recently, isolating significant levels of CBG was unreliable, but Cibdol has brought a new level of standardisation to the industry by investing in state-of-the-art equipment and a comprehensive understanding of cannabinoids.

The result is a range of CBG oils and crystals that allow customers to explore the synergistic power of cannabinoids with safe, high-quality extracts.

CBD Deals

It doesn't matter how good a product is; price will always be a crucial factor for consumers. Realising the importance of affordability, Cibdol's CBD Deals offer discounts on multipack varieties of their most popular products.

If you want to keep your cannabinoid levels topped up, and save up to 30% at the same time, Cibdol CBD Oil, CBD Hemp Seed Oil, Meladol, and CBD Softgels multipacks are worth exploring.

Which Cibdol CBD Products Will You Try?

Cibdol continues to prove their commitment to innovation and transparency, with a cutting-edge selection of products all independently tested and verified. Whether you're entirely new to CBD or a seasoned veteran, few producers openly verify the reliability, purity, and safety of their products.

With CBD products to match virtually every situation, it's highly likely you'll find a Cibdol range to kickstart your CBD experience.