The number of individuals who smoke cigarettes has gone up over the past years. A big thanks can perhaps be attributed to the use of cigarettes in movies rated as PG-13. Depicting that smoking is a norm and that it’s okay could only induce youngsters to smoke even more.

Time and again, doctors have advised against cigarette smoking. Health officials have gone out of their way to warn the public against the dangers of smoking. Usually, information about how smoking can lead to certain types of cancer or health ailments is the one that health officials disseminate.

Aside from the awful health consequences, there is one more danger that cigarette smoking could bring. This time around, it’s not your health that could suffer, but your appearance. Have you heard of the horrible “smoker’s face?”

What is a Smoker’s Face?

The term “smoker’s face” was coined way back in the 80s. This would refer to the changes in your appearance brought about by cigarette smoking. A study published in PLOS Genetics has found that smokers who look older than their actual age possessed genetic variants that their non-smoking counterparts don’t have.

Aside from this genetic difference, there is a physical manifestation of the appearance of smokers. stated that when you could suffer from some alterations on your face. Your face would easily show more wrinkles since smoke can cause the skin to lose its elasticity. You would also look sallow and simply have dry skin.

It doesn’t end there because a smoker’s face would also include how your teeth would look like. Yellowing of the teeth and having cavities are also among the effects. The onset of the smoker’s face would depend on how early you started smoking. Normally, they could set in when you reach your early 30’s.

Can You Treat Smoker’s Face?

If you are thinking of how to get rid of the physical facial effects of smoking, then the first step that you need to do is simply to stop smoking. However, this will not get rid of the wrinkles that have already formed around the corners of your mouth and on the other areas of your face.

According to a HuffPost report, when damage from smoking is visible, there is no quick fix. You would need to stick to a skin regimen, or better yet see a dermatologist on how you may be able to reverse the harmful skin effects.