Once the Season 1 finale of Cinemax’s crime drama, “Jett,” airs tonight, will fans get any more episodes of the Carla Gugino-led series?

The premium cable channel hasn’t made a decision about the show’s future yet, which means the show hasn’t been canceled but also hasn’t been renewed for Season 2.

Although there’s still a chance the series will return, when comparing it to “Warrior,” another freshman Cinemax series that actually has already been renewed, things aren’t looking too good.

The martial arts drama earned a Season 2 renewal just a few episodes into its first season, while “Jett” airs the ninth and final episode of its first season tonight and there’s been no renewal yet.

Also, “Warrior” stayed fairly consistent in its week-to-week ratings, with a 0.03 in the 18-49 demo most weeks, according to TV Series Finale. Its weekly viewers did vary week to week, though, with the show getting an average of 0.133 million weekly viewers.

“Jett,” on the other hand, has had inconsistent ratings in the 18-49 demo, with an overall average of 0.02 and a low of 0.01 for its most recent episode. Last week’s episode also had the show’s second-lowest viewership, with 0.109 million.

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Carla Gugino leads Cinemax’s “Jett.” Cinemax

Still, the ratings between the two shows aren’t so different that there isn’t still a chance for “Jett” to get a Season 2, which is something creator Sebastian Gutierrez is really hoping for.

“I would love to have future seasons to explore these characters, but I didn’t know that until I was making it,” he told Collider. “Suddenly, when I was making it, I was like, ‘Oh, yes, I know exactly happens next.’ It wasn’t like, ‘In Season 3, this is what’s gonna happen.’”

Aside from creating the show, Gutierrez also wrote and directed the entire first season, including tonight’s finale episode.

In Season 1, episode 9 (titled “Miljan Bestic”), “Before a fateful meeting with Bestic [Greg Bryk], Jett [Gugino] sets in motion a plan to be free of him for good,” according to the synopsis. “When the two come face to face, Bestic reveals the origins of his feud with Charlie [Giancarlo Esposito]. As the situation becomes increasingly perilous, Jett realizes she’s in danger of losing the very thing she holds most dear.”

The “Jett” Season 1 finale airs on Cinemax on Friday at 10 p.m. EDT. Those who miss it when it first premieres can watch it on demand starting on Saturday.