Cisco Systems announced on Monday that it has developed a new telecommunications platform that allows participants to join a conference from a distance, while still exhibiting the characteristics of being at the meeting in person.

The new solution, dubbed TelePresence, utilizes innovations in video, audio, and remote communication technologies over the Internet Protocol (IP) network. The San Jose Calif.-based firm claims it will bring the face-to-face, remote communications experience, and some industry experts believe the technology hold potential.

TelePresence is a realistic virtual meeting in life size, real time, with every detail of the perception of your vision and hearing taken into account, explains Goldman Sachs analyst, Brantley Thompson. You can read expressions and critical non-verbal communications just as you would in a live face to face meeting.

The network-equipment maker has teamed with AT&T to provide the backbone network for the service.

Cisco will introduce the CTS 3000 which will sell for nearly $300 thousand, supporting up to 12 people. The configuration is three screens along one side of a conference room table that is custom built with dimensions that enhance the experience.

Entry level customers can opt for the CTS 1000 which will sell for roughly $80 thousand, supporting up to 2 people per location on one screen, Thompson said.