Clash Of Clans Builder Base update has just arrived, and we may already have a sneak peek of what to expect from future patches. Oddly enough, official App Store images leak new troops and defense levels not yet in the game.

The picture in question is posted above. Here’s all the cool stuff we’ve seen in it.

'Clash Of Clans' Vs battles
A host of new 'Clash Of Clans' troops like the Drop Ship and Bats can be seen through close observation of this official screenshot. Supercell/Apple
  • Roaster: New defense spitting fire from the Builder Hall in the center. It spouts a fiery flood of scathing plasma.
  • Builder Hall Level 8: The maximum is 5 right now, and it seems to sport a more industrial design.
  • Giant Cannon: New defense to the left of the Builder Hall and next to the Star Laboratory
  • Star Laboratory Level 6: The current game maxes out at 5. Its design gets slightly more refined with a wider telescope.
  • Bat: The troop is not yet in the game, but it’s the small purple blur right outside the wall by the Star Laboratory. They’re highly fast and deadly in big swarms!
  • Drop Ship: It’s a new troop in the top left of the image just outside the wall. It drops Skeletons instead of Bombs.
  • Mega Tesla Defense: Unlocked at Builder Hall 3 but not yet in the game. The tall structure below the Lab in the “Explore A New World” screenshot. It’s a Tesla that does heavier damage.
  • Level 8 Barrack: Barely visible by the top-left side of the Lab. The max level is 7 right now. Its design doesn’t have a cannon at the top.
  • Level 7 Multi-Mortar: Top-right side of the Lab. The maximum level is 5 right now. It has some gold trim on its sides.
  • Level 8 Double Cannon: In the top-left side of the Lab in the first picture. The current max is level 5. It’s bigger and has colored stripes.
  • Level 7 Air Bomb: Near the top side of the Builder Hall in picture one. The maximum level is 5 right now. It’s got gold trim on the sides.
  • Level 7 Archer Tower: Near the top-right side of the Builder Hall. The maximum is level 5 right now. It has a stone design instead of wood.
  • Level 7 Gold Storage: Near the right side of the Archer Tower. The maximum is level 5 right now. It’s bigger.
  • Level 7 Cannon: Near the top-right side of the fire-spitting Roaster. The maximum is level 5 right now. It’s bigger with gold trim.
  • Level 7 Elixir Collector: Seen between the Drop Ship and the Bat. The maximum is level 5 right now. It’s bigger.

It should be noted that, while the things listed above are certainly considered leaks to the public, they’re well documented by spAnser who has data mined the entire update. Those who want more details on these upgrades can find the full guide here. That being said, its photos don’t illustrate precisely how these objects look when placed in the arena. This App Store leak is unique in that respect. We didn’t list the statistics because they’re very likely to change by the time the final versions arrive.

'Clash Of Clans' Exlore A New World
Check out that tall Mega-Tesla defense near the Lab. It's unlocked at Builder Hall 3, but it's not yet available. Supercell/Apple

Thursday we discussed how Supercell plans to quickly iterate on its Builder Base, and this photo evidence is living proof of the team’s commitment. We’re guessing these screenshots were taken from a developer build well before the Builder Hall’s official release this week.

For those who missed the memo, the Builder Base update brings a second Village to the game where players can engage in short PvP skirmishes called Versus Battles. Just like the Town Hall base, its buildings can be upgraded to become stronger. A select few upgrades can be brought over to the Town Hall base through the Gear Up feature.

Clash Of Clans is available now on Android and iOS.

What do you think of the Builder Base update so far? Do these leaks make you excited for the future of Clash Of Clans? Tell us in the comments section!