Clash Royale is getting a balance update Wednesday, and Supercell recently detailed its changes in a blog post. Skeleton Army and Furnaces will be weaker than before, so you may want to change up your strategy.

Here’s the full list of balance adjustments with a brief explanation of each one.

  • Royal Guard Deploy Time Decreased By 1 Second: Gives defender more time to react to Royal Giants
  • Elite Barbarians Lose 4 percent HP & Slower Initial Attack: Makes Barbarians easier to deal with
  • Furnace HP Decreased By 5 Percent: Makes support and defense more balanced for other cards
  • Goblin Hut HP Increased By 5 Percent: Makes the hut a better support card to pair with Furnace
  • Electro Wizard Hit Speed Decreased By 0.1: Puts damage and control in line with other ranged troops.
  • Executioner Damage Up 6 Percent: Helps make the card a viable Lava Hound counter
  • Balloon Death Damage Delay Increased By 2 Seconds: Makes the Balloon easier to counter
  • Skeleton Army Count Decreased By 1: Makes the card more balanced
  • Lumberjack HP Increased By 4 Percent: Makes the card more useful

The Skeleton Army nerf has been the most discussion-worthy change. Nerfs in prior months have pushed for the use of Goblin Gang in the hardcore meta, but the Skarmy’s defensive abilities have still proven to be too powerful for casual players. As the army’s size continues to decrease, when does the so-called army stop being an army?

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Beyond that, most of the nerfs are genuinely appreciated. Both Balloons and Furnaces have unanimously become an annoyance to skilled players. How many times have your Archers been taken out by a delayed Balloon break at the last second? For the Furnace the biggest concern was the chip damage it slowly takes away from opposing decks. Now that it’s easier to take out, it’s much more bearable to work around. While Supercell occasionally introduces unnecessary nerfs in these balance updates, the right adjustments were made this month.

In March’s balance update, key nerfs included the Log, Clone and Electro Wizard.

Clash Royale is available now on iOS and Android devices.

What do you think of Clash Royale’s April balance update? Are the nerfs to Skeleton Army and Furnace justified? Tell us in the comments section.