Is Quiet Ann going to adopt a child soon?

In last Sunday’s episode of TNT’s “Claws,” Virginia (Karrauche Tran) terminated her pregnancy after briefly pondering what the girls at Nail Artists of Manatee County might be saying about her decision to have an abortion. In a “Brady Bunch”-style scene, Ann (Judy Reyes) — along with Desna (Niecy Nash), Polly (Carrie Preston), and Jenn (Jennifer Lyon) — shared her views about abortion, and in the process, revealed that she actually gave birth to a child before.

“I got pregnant when I was real young and I didn’t want to have kids but my parents were against abortion, and they made me,” Ann revealed. “I got attached to that kid, Sofia. And one day I got home, and Sofia was sent to California to live with some church friends. I never saw her again.”

Though Ann didn’t want to have a child at that time, it appears that Reyes’ character had a change of heart. “You’ll see in upcoming episodes that Ann is dealing with her desire to now, later in life, have a kid and what that implication is,” showrunner Janine Sherman Barrois revealed to Vulture. “All of this kind of informs what happens to her now that she is old enough to decide if she really wants to have a kid or not.”

In a separate interview with NewNowNext earlier this month, series creator Eliot Laurence revealed that viewers are going to learn a lot about Quiet Ann in the fourth episode of the show’s sophomore run.

“One of our writers had the idea to root it in Quiet Ann’s point of view, so we’re literally going to hear her running internal monologues,” Laurence said. “I think she’s one of those characters where people want to know more, because she’s so enigmatic, and will love learning about her family and period of estrangement from them. And we’re going to meet a brother.”

Quiet Ann’s relationship with Arlene (Suleka Mathew) will also be explored further in the current season. “Suleka Mathew returns,” Reyes told Hidden Remote of the actress who played her onscreen girlfriend last season. “I think she’s (Quiet Ann) really in love with this woman (Arlene). [But] this woman (Arlene) is wounded as a result of losing her job [as a cop] and she’s (Quiet Ann) wounded as a result of losing this woman. She was planning a future with this woman. So I think she’s pursuing her a little bit. She’s back in the picture as a result, I’ll give you that.”

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“Claws” Season 2 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.