A man confronts a Donald Trump supporter during a protest near the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, July 19, 2016. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Protests in Cleveland surrounding the Republican National Convention have been in full swing since the event's opening day Monday, and on Wednesday emotions were running high as police made several arrests after at least two officers were assaulted, sustaining minor injuries.

While police have issued an official Dispersal Order, protesters have effectively ignored those commands and have continued to congregate in an area of downtown Cleveland called the East 4th neighborhood near Prospect Avenue.

To watch the protests as they unfold, you can click here for a live stream or watch the embedded video feed below.

At least 10 arrests were made Wednesday, reported. The protests that had previously been relatively peaceful went south shortly after a group of demonstrators began burning American flags, stoking the ire of other competing groups of protesters. When police intervened, at least two officers were assaulted and sustained minor injuries before the arrests were made.

Wednesday marked the first arrests since the Republican National Convention kicked off Monday in Cleveland.

Images and video from the protests began making the rounds on social media, showing heavily armed members of law enforcement descending on a part of Cleveland's downtown area called the East 4th neighborhood. Some of the officers were horseback while others rode bikes in addition to those who were on foot.

Police also executed at least one arrest of a protester who concealed his face, violating officers' orders against people hiding their faces or even wearing a mask on one's neck in public.

Cleveland Police Chief Calvin Williams announced the new public policy Tuesday, telling protesters in part, "If you are a member of a group that causes you to have to hide your face, then you probably need a different cause." Many of those who were concealing their faces Tuesday were carrying guns, which is completely legal in Ohio, where an open carry law allows licensed citizens the right to brandish firearms in public.