CNN's "New Day" on Monday slammed comments made by Fox News hosts who suggested the Omicron variant was being made up by Democrats and is “politically motivated.”

CNN political commentator S.E. Cupp, who identifies as a Log Cabin Republican, said Fox News downplaying Omicron was “evil,” and that pundits intentionally use the phrase, "count on a new variant every October."

“That’s evil! That is evil! To get up and tell your viewers, ‘Don’t worry about it. It’s probably just made up and so don’t believe any of the other science. Don’t believe about vaccines or boosters or anything else because it’s probably just Democrats.’ I don’t know another word for that,” Cupp said.

During a “Fox & Friends” broadcast Saturday, broadcasters Rachel Campos-Duffy, Pete Hegseth, and Will Cain discussed the supply chain crisis. They touched on how Democrats may be putting out fears of a new variant to postpone Biden from fixing it.

Campos-Duffy brought up that Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has said, “we can’t fix the supply chain problem until the pandemic is over, until Covid is over.”

“And now we see these new variants, so that’s the answer more lockdowns more lockdowns, more fear, and therefore he does not have to do his job of fixing the supply chain because we’ll just keep this whole thing going,” she said.

Hegseth then replied to Campos-Duffy and said, “count on a new variant about every October, every two years."

Cupp said that right-leaning Fox News "is a drug” and that they say outrageous things, nonchalantly, because they know that.

“It sounds bonkers,” she said. “And yet, all three of them kind of in unison, just very cavalierly joking that this is probably a political invention. It is irresponsible, but that’s the floor.”


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