A family’s vacation in South Carolina took a unique turn when it discovered large amounts of cocaine had washed up on the beach.

The discovery was made Sunday night while a member of the unnamed family was walking down a beach on Fripp Island, South Carolina. He discovered a package had washed ashore and brought it back to the beach house his family was staying at.

Once back, he opened the package to discover bricks of cocaine hidden inside, one of which had been cut. He quickly called Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, who responded to the call around midnight.

“Of course, we responded, did a field test on it, and it did test positive for cocaine,” Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Major Bob Bromage told WTOC, the CBS-affiliate for Savannah, Georgia. Bromage also confirmed the package had 20 kilos of cocaine with a total possible value of $600,000.

“If at all possible, we’re going to determine where they came from. Many times, this is not a local thing. It’s an international operation,” Bromage said.

However, Bromage was not able to confirm where the package came from or how it could have found its way to Fripp Island. He did express suspicion that Hurricane Dorian perhaps played a part in dropping the package on the beach.

Anti-narcotics chemists test cocaine from a bag before an incineration of seized illegal drugs in La Guaira, Venezuela, Sept. 29, 2016. Reuters