Coffee posted record gains on Thursday amid concerns that frost will harm Brazil's crops, the world's largest coffee grower.

Coffee futures for July delivery increased by 2.8 percent or 3.6 cents to $1.347 a pound on ICE Futures U.S., formerly the New York Board of Trade and the prices have gained 4.2 percent in the past five sessions.

There is a high threat of frost that usually runs from the end of May to mid August in Brazil's coffee growing region.

There are speculations that temperatures will reach 45 degrees Fahrenheit in Brazil during the next few weeks and is forecast to continue until the last week of May.

The most active coffee futures have gained $1.288 to $1.355 a pound since May 1.

Brazil Agriculture Ministry's stockpiles agency predicted that coffee growers will harvest 45.5 million bags of the beans this year and output will increase from 33.7 million bags in 2007.