Cryptocurrency aggregator CoinMarketCap, alongside Web3 entertainment and software company Hello Labs, announced the launch of a "Shark Tank-inspired" reality TV show dubbed, "Killer Whales," which is set to be the world's first-ever globally broadcasted Web3 TV show, featuring cryptocurrency pitches.

The upcoming program, scheduled to launch this year, draws inspiration from the popular TV show "Shark Tank," which features a panel of investors called sharks who decide if they will invest in a project presented by entrepreneurs.

With the upcoming web3 TV show, instead of sharks, the judges made up of entrepreneurs, influencers and founders of Web3 initiatives and businesses, are called "killer whales" and are tasked to evaluate the pitched projects and offer insightful feedback.

The filming is scheduled to commence this June, with the TV show designed to serve as a medium not only to entertain but also to educate the public "on the intricacies and evolving tech of the Web3 world."

Participants must obtain the most "swim" votes and least "sink" votes to rise to the top and be crowned as the winner.

The application starts Tuesday via the web portal and lucky applicants will undergo a series of interviews in Hollywood, California.

CoinMarketCap chief marketing officer Jonathan Isaac said that "Killer Whales" is an exciting and engaging means of sharing the web3 industry's entrepreneurial spirit with people all over the world.

"Killer Whales is a fun and exciting opportunity to bring the entrepreneurial energy of the Web3 space to homes all over the world," Isaac noted in a press release.

The team behind the upcoming web3 TV reality show intends to release the series on streaming platforms, as well as on Hello Labs' on-demand service Hello TV.

Aiming to reach millions of viewers across the globe, "Killer Whales" is created to demonstrate the transformative power of Web 3 technology and promote its mass adoption.

"Our aim is to open the door to the next billion users into Web3 by entertaining and educating them on all things crypto," Hello Labs' CEO Sander Gortjes said in a statement.

"Killer Whales" and other Web3-related TV shows underlined the growing interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies among mainstream consumers.

"We want to provide a voice through our platform for the entire Web3 community when producing the show, so we have introduced a way for communities to vote for their favorite projects and NFTs and show their support," HELLO Labs wrote in the blog post announcing Killer Whales.

"Once a project has applied they are encouraged to engage their communities to upvote their projects page to stand a chance of claiming the public voted 'Wildcard' slot on each episode," the web3 company said.

A signage for "Web 3" is seen at Hong Kong Web3 Festival, in Hong Kong