• The company says it has "bodies and trucks and machines" with nothing to do
  • It will help small scale breweries by offering free canning
  • Breweries will only have to pay for the cans. 

Codi Manufacturing, a beer canning company in Colorado, has decided to help small breweries in the state with to-go sales amid lock-downs due to coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking to local media, Andrew Ferguson, the sales manager of the company, said it has "bodies and trucks and machines" with nothing to do because of quarantine and travel restrictions. Hence, in order to help small brewers, the company has decided to take its machinery to the brewers and offer free canning. They will only have to pay for the cans.

"There are a lot of breweries with full tanks and no packaging equipment. With taprooms closed, they are going to get to a point where they will have to dump that beer, and that is something that could put them under. Some of them are in an absolute panic and we feel like it's our responsibility to help," Ferguson said.

Meanwhile, Coda Brewing, a company in Golden, Colorado, has a whole lot of beer, but no way to get it to customers. "Codi Manufacturing has graciously offered to can CODA beer to save our little Mom and Pop brewery. Please support us in this time by grabbing cans, merch and gift cards." the company stated.

"It’s a stark reality. We’re what, 48 hours into this? We’ve got 40 kegs in the cooler. What’re you going to do with all that? A restaurant can’t buy it, we can’t drink it all, although we’d try. The beer would go bad, it would spoil and we would go under," said Luke Smith, owner and founder of Coda Brewing.

This is a representational image of a mug of beer. Pixabay