"Community" will be brought back for Season 6 thanks to Yahoo Screen. NBC

Yahoo Screen is responsible for resurrecting “Community” for a sixth season, the latest show to be revived after cancelation. "Community" fans have been using the hashtag #SixSeasonsandaMovie on social media long before the cancelation. The comedy, starring Joel McHale and Chevy Chase, has always been considered "on the bubble" due to low ratings. Audiences can expect the community college comedy to return in the fall with 13 episodes.

While details about episode length have not been released, the budget will remain the same at about $2 million per episode. Zack Van Amburg, president of programming and production at Sony Pictures Television, told Entertainment Weekly, “We didn’t want to be producing the show at any less of the quality or production value that we had been producing. Yahoo came in with finances that were undeniable.”

“Community” was revived rather quickly (NBC announced the cancelation in May), but the Internet has resurrected plenty of other shows that were long gone:

“Arrested Development”

Netflix brought back “Arrested Development” in 2013 after it was canceled in 2006 by Fox. The cult comedy followed the Bluth family’s crazy antics. The series lasted three seasons on television and one season on Netflix. Fans and critics both had mixed feelings about the series, and Netflix has yet to announce another season.

“Reading Rainbow”

“Reading Rainbow” was a PBS staple for many children from 1983 until 2006. The program helped kids learn to read and develop a love of reading. The show was cancelled due to funding issues, but host LeVar Burton brought the show back in the form of an app two years ago. While the app doesn’t have the exact same format as the show, it incorporates familiar segments such as field trips in the form of video clips. It also introduces new digital elements like games. Burton recently started a Kickstarter campaign to help the app move to different devices since not every child has access to a tablet. The campaign was funded in 11 hours with $1 million, and will finish July 2 with around $5 million.

“The Magic School Bus”

Netflix is also jumping on the educational '90s nostalgia bandwagon with “The Magic School Bus.” The series follows a teacher, Ms. Frizzle, who takes her students on educational field trips. Instead of going to a science museum, Ms. Frizzle is more likely to shrink the kids in the bus and bring them inside the human body to learn about anatomy. The original aired from 1994 until 2006. The updated version will be called “The Magic School Bus 360°” and will utilize CGI animation. The series is still being produced by Scholastic Media, the company who produced the original series and published the books on which the series is based. Casting news has not yet been announced, but fans hope for Lily Tomlin to reprise her role as Ms. Frizzle. No information has been released on production costs or an official release date.

“The Killing”

AMC couldn’t just kill off “The Killing,” a drama that follows two homicide detectives. The network canceled the series after Season 2, but revived it for a third season when Netflix helped pitch in with costs. However AMC pulled the plug again after Season 3, leading Netflix to commission a six-episode fourth season of the drama in November. “The Killing” will return with its fourth season Aug. 1 on Netflix.


Netflix might have given NBC the push it needed to revive “Heroes.” Fans of the cult favorite, which followed the lives of ordinary people who were given supernatural powers, have wanted a proper ending to the series. Rumors of a made-for-television movie circulated for years. It was almost brought back by MSN and Xbox. However, NBC decided to revive the series on television themselves for a 13-episode miniseries. The series will air in 2015 and will also have a web series to introduce new characters. So far, the only returning cast member announced is Jack Coleman.

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