George Michael died unmarried, but the Grammy Award-winning singer had recently reconnected with a longtime romantic interest before his untimely death at the age of 53 on Christmas Day. He and Kenny Goss, his former boyfriend, had begun seeing each other again, according to a report by British tabloid The Sun that was published just last month.

Kenny Goss

While that unconfirmed report cited anonymous sources as proof of the couple's reunion, Michael and Goss were indeed in a romantic relationship for 13 years. They attended numerous public events together, including the opening of Goss' art gallery in Dallas in 2005, the Dallas Morning News reported at the time. Goss broke up with the superstar singer in 2009 after Michael's public drug bust London. The two were so close at one point that they founded the Dallas-based Goss-Michael Foundation, which is described on its website as being "one of the leading contemporary British art collections in the United States."

GettyImages-56436066 British pop star George Michael and his partner Kenny Goss attend the Japanese Premiere of his film 'A Different Story' on Dec. 15, 2005 in Tokyo, Japan. Photo: Junko Kimura/Getty Images

Fadi Fawaz

But prior to them getting back together, Michael, in 2012, seemed to confirm reports of his then-latest boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz. The two tweeted about each other in gushing terms and posted photos to Twitter of them enjoying a tropical vacation together. Fawaz's Twitter profile picture as of Monday morning was of him kissing the cheek of a grinning Michael. The accompanying bio reads, "I will never stop missing you xxx."

Anselmo Feleppa

Michael was in a serious relationship with Brazilian fashion designer Anselmo Feleppa beginning in the early 1990s, but their romance was cut short after Feleppa died from HIV/AIDS-related complications. Feleppa's medical status fueled speculation that George may have also suffered the same fate when his death was announced Sunday.

Brooke Shields

While Michael publicly came out as gay during an interview on CNN in 1998, he was also romantically linked to some women. His most notable reported romance with a woman was with Brooke Shields in the mid-1980s. "It must be love," the actress wrote in her memoir that was published last year. Michael was a "remarkable, respectful and patient gentleman" partly because "Nobody had ever been willing to move so slowly," she wrote.

Princess Diana

Perhaps most surprisingly, Michael and Princess Diana enjoyed a mutually flirtatious relationship, though it reportedly never went beyond that. While it was not immediately clear when the two first met, the then-Princess of Wales reportedly was overheard asking in 1992, "Isn’t it a shame he [Michael] doesn’t like the ladies?" As for the singer, Michael's childhood friend said in 2012 that the pop star was "very fond of Diana."