A video of a recent bus ride in Connecticut has become a viral hit for disturbing reasons.

Police are investigating an incident involving a mother who threw her baby onto another passenger so she could fight another woman, the Hartford Courant reported.

A cellphone video of the incident was captured by a witness and posted on YouTube. It has since racked up more than 402,000 views.

“It's pretty terrible,” David A. Lee, Connecticut Transit's general manager, told the news outlet about the April 10 incident. “She just jumps up and throws her baby into the lap of another passenger.”

The video shows the woman sitting on a bus in Hartford with a toddler on her lap. She’s seen screaming and cursing at a woman toward the front of the bus.

“You’re disrespecting me in front of my baby,” the woman yells. “I hate that bitch.”

As the screaming escalates, the toddler puts her hands over her ears. Moments later, the woman leaps out of her seat and throws her child onto a passenger sitting across from her. She bounds toward the front of the bus and starts a fist fight with another woman.

According to Connecticut Transit, the bus driver pulled over and called for help. The woman grabbed her baby and left the bus, as did the other woman in the fight, NBC Connecticut reported.

The news outlet tracked down the woman, whose name has yet to be released, at her home in Hartford.

“I never tossed my baby,” she told NBC Connecticut. “Get the full video from Connecticut Transit. I didn't toss my baby. I set her down.”

The surveillance camera on the bus was not working at the time, so there is no footage caught by Connecticut Transit. There is reportedly a second video caught by a separate cellphone that police are using in the ongoing investigation.

Please note the following video contains NSFW language: