Kevin Kline
Kevin Kline stars in "Darling Companion". REUTERS

To say that Kevin Kline is an acting legend is an understatement. Kline began gaining recognition in the mid-70's as a remarkable stage actor and shortly there after began one of the most distinguishing film careers in Hollywood. Some of the Oscar winner's most notable roles includes, Sophie's Choice,The Big Chill, I Love You to Death, A Fish Called Wanda, and In and Out. His latest film, Darling Companion features a stellar cast that includes Diane Keaton and Richard Jenkins. The film was a reunion of sorts for the actor and writer/director Lawrence Kasdan. The two previously collaborated on Silverado and Grand Caneyon, among others. Darling Companion focuses on a married couple whose relationship is greatly affected after they rescue a stray dog. Both Kline and Keaton's characters have let a gaping void devour their relationship. Yet while attempting to locate their missing pet, the two are forced to communicate.

The International Business Times had the chance to ask Kline about the types of roles he looks for and the portrayal of long suffering relationships on-screen.

At this stage in your career, having done seemingly every role imaginable, what does it take for a script to capture your attention and really pull you in?

I just trust my instincts and it has to do with taste and upbringing and genetic things. There's not a lot of rational thinking that goes into it. Agents think (he does mocks the tone of a producer): well you should do this now because this is going to be very commercial film so you need to do a commercial film because you've done two independent films in a row that a total of 14 people have seen. They'll go let's do something really big and I say okay but have you read the script?

Have they at least read it?

They have and they see dollar signs. They go: this is going to be very commercial and even when I have no doubt it will I know It's going to appeal to the lowest common denominator and its stupid. I've done some stupid films, don't get me wrong but in general I don't want to do things because they're commercial, I want to do things because I enjoy doing them. I don't care how many people see them.

Films typically focus on falling in love rather than those that are in the later stages of their relationships. Darling Companion is one of the few that centers on two people who are forced to rediscover their passion for one another. Do you think that more films will start to show that side of love?

I think this film has the potential to bring out an older audience. It's not that it isn't geared towards the 18-23 year old demographic, it's for adults of all ages. The film is more about sustaining a relationship than it is about falling in love. It's a little bit more complex, it's a little bit more adult themed. I think a lot of adults have given up on going to the movies. It would be nice if this got them up put of their recliners and walkers and to the theater.