• Houston Tipping died after an on-duty accident at the Elysian Park Academy on May 29
  • Tipping's mother, Shirley Huffman, filed a notice of claim to the city Friday
  • Huffman said her son was "repeatedly struck in the head severely" that he suffered multiple injuries in his neck

Los Angeles, California, -- A Los Angeles policeman was beaten to death by his fellow officers during a training exercise that simulated a mob attack, the victim's mother has claimed.

The 32-year-old LAPD officer, Houston Tipping, died of neck injuries three days after an on-duty accident that happened at the Elysian Park Academy on May 26, NY Post reported.

"At the time of the accident, Officer Tipping was a bike instructor engaged in a training scenario involving grappling with another officer. During the scenario, Officer Tipping fell to the floor and suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury," LAPD said in a statement after his death.

However, Tipping's mother, Shirley Huffman, filed a notice of claim to the city Friday, alleging that during the training exercise, her son was "repeatedly struck in the head severely enough that he bled" and suffered multiple injuries in his neck.

In the notice, which precedes a lawsuit, Huffman alleged wrongful death, assault and battery and other civil rights violations. She claimed that even before Tipping's death, the training exercise "had already been questioned" after some officers got injured.

Meanwhile, LAPD said all possible measures were taken to save Tipping's life, and the victim was helped by his classmates, who performed CPR on him.

"We grieve this tragic loss. I am proud of Officer Tipping's training classmates that immediately sprang into action, initiating CPR and other life-saving measures as well as the work of the LA Fire Department," the statement read.

The department also promised to conduct an internal investigation to identify if any additional measures need to be taken to prevent such tragedies.

Tipping who worked for five years with the department served as a patrol officer in the San Fernando Valley.

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