Police in Texas are reportedly looking for a female thief, dubbed the wedding crasher. The thief has been crashing weddings and stealing gifts meant for the wedding couple this past December. The woman, who is yet to be identified by the authorities poses as a guest and proceeds to steal envelopes containing gift cards, checks and money.

According to sources, the wedding crasher is also not held to one location. She has been frequenting weddings in the counties surrounding Comal. Jennifer Smith, the official press representative for the Comal County Sheriff’s Office told media that the perpetrator appears to be preying on unsuspecting families and friends. She goes uninvited to weddings and represents herself as a guest before stealing gifts.

Smith also says the police believe the woman has mostly been lifting envelopes and cash and has robbed four weddings thus far. She does not spend a lot of time in these events, however. The analysis read she only takes envelopes left on the tables and leaves soon after arrival.

The police are not sure about the exact figures of the stolen gifts. The sheriff’s office did suspect that the woman started hijacking the wedding gifts a while back. Detective Scott Frakes, with the sheriff’s office, told media outlets that after she targeted the wedding in December, the next incident happened in January. Recently, she grew more brazen by stealing from two wedding venues within a few hours.

Though the police are not able to identify her yet, they have shared some grainy black and white surveillance images of the thief. The picture shows a dark haired female in tight pants and cowboy boots, carrying a black leather purse. She is also seen smiling at some of the surveillance cameras.

The authorities also captured a photo of the same woman buying cleaning supplies and other things at Home Depot. She was wearing sunglasses and a green t-shirt. The alleged thief is also associated with another woman with dark donning a two tone hoodie and white shorts.

The authorities explained they were able to pinpoint these other places of interest she visited because they were the same areas the stolen gift cards were used and this led to the images of the swindler.

Residents of Comal County are now on the lookout for the petty thief and brides are being advised to lock their purses and other belongings in their vehicles while at the event. The crime stoppers group has also offered a reward for up to $4,000 for information leading to the arrest of the mystery criminal.

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