Who Is The Coral UV 2 3-in-1 Sanitizer For?

  • The Coral UV 2 is ideal for new parents who want to sanitize and dry bottles or other children's products
  • The Coral UV 2 is big enough to fit all sorts of electronics and anything else that needs disinfecting
  • A filter in the back ensures only clean air is sent into the Coral UV 2
The Coral UV 2 has a huge interior, making it easy to fit just about anything inside for disinfection

If the past two years has taught us anything, it's that disinfection is a good idea. There are many ways to disinfect something, but one of the most reliable, cleanest, and most efficient ways is with UV-C light. The Coral UV 2 not only uses UV-C light to disinfect objects, it also has an extra mode that dries off items alongside the disinfection process.

Huge Interior

The Coral UV 2 sanitizer is easily the largest UV-C device I have reviewed to date. While other similar products can't even fit a tablet inside, the Coral UV 2 can fit multiple, with room to spare. This is great for allowing a much wider range of items to be easily disinfected with UV-C light. To take the most advantage of the space, the Coral UV 2 also comes with an optional basket that can be put inside the disinfection chamber. This basket is great for holding smaller items like keys or a cell phone.

The Coral UV 2 can easily fit a Nintendo Switch with room to spare

Using the Coral UV 2 couldn't be more easy. There's a big button on the front that opens the Coral UV 2's lid, and once everything is inside, the lid just needs to be closed. From there, a touch panel on the top is used to get started. One button will activate the disinfection mode, while a second will activate the disinfection plus drying mode. A third button can turn on a 24 hour mode and the fourth and final button is simply a power button. There's a small screen that provides information on how long each mode will run for, and serves as a timer once the Coral UV 2 has been activated. Each button is clearly labeled, so users don't have to rely on memorizing what each symbol means. It's all very straightforward.

The top of the Coral UV 2 when in use

While the big button that opens the lid is fairly easy to push, it's not something that will get pressed accidentally. Even in the event that the lid opens up during operation, the Coral UV 2 has a safety feature that cuts the UV-C lights. UV-C light is dangerous on human skin, so it's nice to see that the Coral UV 2 has measures in place to keep users safe.

More Than Just Disinfection

Previous UV-C devices we have reviewed have exclusively focused on disinfection via UV-C light. The Coral UV 2 does as well, but has an extra feature: a drying mode. As the name implies, this mode not only disinfects with UV-C light, it also uses circulated air to dry out whatever is inside. This is really ideal for new parents who want to keep their baby bottles and other items clean and dry for their next use.

The Coral UV 2 touts itself as a 3-in-1 device, but that's a little misleading. The first feature is the UV-C disinfection, while the second is the drying mode. The third is a filter built into the back of the Coral UV 2 which purifies the air that gets sucked in while using the drying mode. It's awesome that the Coral UV 2 does filter the air it uses during the drying process, but it seems like a bit of a stretch to call that a complete third feature instead of a nice bonus for the drying mode.

The filter on the back of the Coral UV 2 is easily replaceable when needed

As mentioned above, there is also a 24 hour mode with the Coral UV 2. This mode begins with a 50 minute disinfection and drying cycle, and then runs a two minute disinfection-only cycle every two hours after that. This ensures that whatever is inside the Coral UV 2 will be completely disinfected whenever it is needed.

Long Cleaning Times

There are a number of timed settings for using the Coral UV 2, and they're all pretty long. With other UV-C disinfection devices I've used, the process involves putting an item into the device and pressing the start button. This begins a one to two minute disinfection process, then the item is ready to be removed.

A look inside with the basket in place

With the Coral UV 2, the shortest time possible for just disinfection is a lengthy 10 minutes. The disinfection time can also be increased to 15 or even 20 minutes if so chosen. The timer is even longer if going with the disinfection and drying mode, as the shortest time offered with that one is 40 minutes. Disinfection plus drying can also increase its time, going all the way up to 70 minutes. While that makes sense when needing to dry out items, having a base disinfection time of 10 minutes seems a little excessive.


The science behind UV-C as an effective disinfectant is pretty clear, but Coral UV has released all of their certifications from third party laboratories on the company's website. That said, I don't have access to any kind of laboratory to verify if the Coral UV 2 actually works. We'll just have to trust the certifications on this one.

The actual UV-C lights are built into the lid of the Coral UV 2

What I can say is that damp items that go in come out dry when using the drying mode. I would certainly hope so, given the long drying times, but it's nice to know that the Coral UV 2 is effective in this area.

Final Thoughts

The Coral UV 2 is a super easy way to disinfect and dry items without hassle. Simply plop down whatever needs disinfecting or drying, press a button on the lid, and get going. I love how big the interior is with the Coral UV 2, as it's easy to fit basically anything I want disinfected inside. If someone is in the market for the biggest UV-C disinfection product out there, it very well may be the Coral UV 2. Just know it also happens to be the one that takes the most time to complete a disinfection cycle.

That said, the drying feature seems like it has very limited use. Outside of baby bottles (and a handful of other baby products like pacifiers), I cannot think of something that would need to be both disinfected and dried off. The drying feature doesn't need to be used, so I suppose it's mostly just a nice bonus for those that want it.

The Coral UV 2 is currently available for pre-order on the Coral UV website. The device is also supposed to be available to purchase on the Coral UV website, and other retailers like Amazon, soon.