The Environmental Protection Agency issued emergency approval for a coronavirus cleanser in Texas. The approval of the cleanser, SurfaceWise 2, will be used by American Airlines and Total Orthopedics Sports & Spine.

SurfaceWise2 kills the coronavirus on surfaces for up to seven days, the EPA said. The agency also said it approved the cleanser to increase consumer confidence in travel and other activities.

“There is no higher priority for the Trump administration than protecting the health and safety of Americans, and I want to thank those who have worked with us to achieve this major milestone,” EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler said Monday in a statement.

“Since Day 1, I have been committed to ensuring that Americans have as many tools as possible to protect their families and today we are delivering on that promise by approving the first-ever long-lasting antiviral product that will help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus,” Wheeler added.

SurfaceWise2 is manufactured by Allied BioScience in the U.S. It uses a surface coating that “inactivates” viruses and bacteria within two hours of application while providing protection for as long as seven days.

With the approval in Texas, American Airlines will use the cleanser to clean airport facilities and planes. Two Total Orthopedic Sports & Spine Clinics will also use the product “under certain conditions.”

The EPA said it expects Allied BioScience to pursue nonemergency approval of SurfaceWise2 as an antiviral surface coating, which will make the product available for purchase by the public.

“This initial EPA approval clears the way to effectively protect people against COVID-19 as a residual solution proven to provide long-term, nontoxic surface protection from viruses, including coronaviruses,” Allied BioScience CEO Michael Ruley said in a statement. “We know how tirelessly the EPA has worked to evaluate a litany of innovative products, and we are excited to provide this added layer of defense for our country.”

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