• Confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK climb to 3,269
  • Health officials warning everyone about coronavirus symptoms
  • Continuous cough is one of the symptoms of coronavirus infection

The World Health Organization has officially classified coronavirus as a global pandemic, and the British government has imposed more stringent measures in an attempt to contain its spread. These include social distancing and self-isolation.

A source from Whitehall also revealed that ministers are working round-the-clock with the chief medical officer and chief scientific adviser to formulate measures that can help contain the virus. The source also revealed that the government has been talking to businesses for the possibility of their employees working from home.

coronavirus new continuous cough
coronavirus new continuous cough Andrea Piacquadio - pexels

This is in light of the measures implemented by the government, such as self-isolating anywhere between seven to fourteen days for those showing coronavirus symptoms. Among the symptoms of coronavirus is having a new continuous cough.

A New And Continuous Cough

You have been hearing coronavirus symptoms like a new and continuous cough for several weeks now, but you may still be pondering on what exactly it is. Two of the most common symptoms of the coronavirus is having a high temperature, around 37.8C, and a continuous cough.

A continuous cough is described as a cough that may last more than eight weeks in adults or over four weeks in the case of children. Those who got infected by COVID-19 also have reported suffering from shortness of breath or having difficulty when breathing.

A Deadly Complication

The coronavirus infection can lead to the development of serious, in some instances, deadly complications, particularly in those deemed as most at risk. The infection has been known to cause pneumonia, and in the most severe instances, lead to organ failure.

Health experts say recovery from the disease depends on the strength of your immune system. It has been observed that most of those who have died were already in poor health, some of them with pre-existing medical conditions. Many of them are also elderly and frail, with immune systems that are unable to cope with the onslaught of the virus.

Self-Isolation For Protection

Since the elderly and those with existing medical conditions are perceived to be most at risk, the government has advised them to isolate themselves at home. This is to protect them from getting infected by the virus, which may cause them to develop serious complications.

According to Health Secretary Matt Hancock, those who are 70 years old and above must stay at home for up to four months. For the part of Public Health England, the health body said that COVID-19 is a big threat to those whose immune systems are weak, or if they suffer from a chronic illness.