• One of the ways to fight COVID-19 is to strengthen the immune system
  • Drinking alcohol must be avoided as this may weaken the immune system
  • It has certain negative effects on the body

The UK government’s medical experts have sent out guidelines and advice on what everyone should do in these trying times. Among the measures imposed are self-isolation and social distancing. The government said everyone should heed these guidelines and advice as they are designed for the greater good of all.

There are some sectors, however, that are not that happy with the direction the government is taking. A few of them have turned to alcohol in an attempt to forget all the things that are happening around them.

Boosting Immune System Is Vital

There is no cure or vaccine for the coronavirus, and experts have been warning everyone to maintain their fitness by consuming healthy foods and beverages. This is one way of helping boost your immune system and prepare you in the fight against the coronavirus.

Aside from consuming healthy beverages and foods, you also need to maintain regular and healthy hygiene. This includes washing your hands regularly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Taking a bath regularly to clean your entire body is also recommended. Staying active and exercising will also do your body and immune system a lot of good.

Negative Effects Of Alcohol

Dr. Aragona Giuseppe, a general practitioner and’s medical advisor said that alcohol adversely affects the body in many ways and also increases your risk of developing a serious disease. She then proceeded to shed some light on the negative effects of alcohol and how it relates to getting a coronavirus infection.

According to Dr. Giuseppe, consuming huge amounts of alcohol could damage your lung’s immune cells. It could also cause damage to the immune cells of your upper respiratory system. If there is such damage, it can increase your risk of developing serious diseases like pneumonia, respiratory distress syndrome, and tuberculosis. At the same time, it will also make you more vulnerable to viruses like the coronavirus.

Dr. Giuseppe also said that alcohol could adversely affect your gut barrier, which in turn could allow more bacteria to pass in your blood. When this happens, it will deplete your three most important immune system cells, namely, Macrophages, T, and C cells. When there is a suppression of these cells, your immune system will not be very efficient in identifying and eliminating pathogens like the coronavirus.