• The rescue was caught on camera 
  • The video went viral and several people commented that it was their "worst fear"
  • The snake was relocated to a patch of bush

A carpet python entered a couple’s bedroom and "watched them sleep" while sitting on top of an air conditioner. The incident took place at a home in Mudjimba, a coastal suburb in Australia.

A video of the incident, posted on Facebook by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, showed the baby snake sitting on the air conditioner right above the bed. The couple had found out about the snake when they woke up. The snake catcher then removes the reptile with his bare hands and places it in a black bag before releasing it.

Speaking about how the reptile managed to get inside the room, the snake catcher wrote in the Facebook post, "People often ask can snakes get inside even if the doors and windows are closed and have no gaps. Well the answer is yes snakes have other ways they can get in but it doesnt happen very often."

"This mornings callout was a perfect example. This little Carpet Python made his way in through the Aircon pipe hole in the wall. He then decided to sit on top of the Aircon and watch the couple sleep. This gorgeous little snake was taken back out and relocated into a nice patch of bush," the Facebook post stated.

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The video went viral and several people took to the comments section to reveal it is their "worst fear." Some also tagged their friends and family to alert them about the incident.

"Omg Mum... please have youre external Air Con unit pipes sealed up haha... this is terrifying!" one person commented tagging her mother.

"He's beautiful' could be worse, could have droped down on the bed," another person wrote.

"Fastest way to get me out of bed," another user commented.

In a similar incident in the Australian city of Darwin last year, a snake was found hiding behind an air-conditioning unit. Snake catcher Tom Parkin had said that the reptile had "traveled through pipes or hoses from an exhaust outside." However, by the time he arrived at the home, the snake had disappeared.

"Most often, the case with the air-conditioner ones is they'll pop their head out, someone will notice it, the snake will see the people freak out, turn around and just go back out again," Parkin had told Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Python Pixabay