Dr. Jenn Mann
Celebrity psychologist Dr. Jenn Mann (formerly Berman) will counsel five couples on Season 6 of "Couples Therapy." VH1

VH1 kicked off Season 6 of “Couples Therapy” Wednesday, but everyone might not be familiar with the celebrities and their partners. This season’s cast ranges from a rocker to someone who claims to be the world’s first supermodel. Continue reading to discover who celebrity psychologist Dr. Jenn Mann (formerly Berman) will counsel on Season 6.

Janice Dickinson and Dr. Robert “Rocky” Gerner

Janice Dickinson
Signing a prenuptial agreement is one of the main points of contention for Rocky Gerner (left) and Janice Dickinson. VH1

Janice Dickinson claims to be the world’s first supermodel. When she stopped gracing the covers of magazines, Dickinson became a reality television star. The couple met after Gerner’s son set them up on a blind date. They soon fell in love and got engaged, but are fighting over a prenuptial agreement. While Dickinson believes it’s unromantic, Gerner thinks it’s the safest bet for the children they had with other spouses.

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola and Neil Murphy

Big Ang Neil Murphy
"Mob Wives" star Big Ang (right) doesn't like that her husband, Neil Murphy, cannot afford her extravagant lifestyle. VH1

Big Ang is best known for her big personality from the VH1 hit “Mob Wives.” She and Murphy have been married for a year, but their money problems go way back. They’ve dated for seven years, and Big Ang claims Murphy cannot financially support her extravagant lifestyle.

Joe Budden and Kaylin Garcia

Joe Budden
Rapper Joe Budden and model Kaylin Garcia, who are known from "Love and Hip Hop," are in therapy to see if their relationship can be saved. VH1

The VH1 audience will probably know these reality television stars from “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” Budden two-timed Garcia, and even proposed to another woman, Tahiry Jose, while Garcia was living with him. After Tahiry refused his proposal, Budden tried to repair his relationship with Garcia. The couple have chosen therapy to see if there is anything to save in their relationship or if they must move on.

Carmen Carrera and Adrian Torres

Carmen Carrera Adrian Torres
Actress and model Carmen Carrera told VH1 cameras she started to transition into womanhood without consulting her husband, Adrian Torres. VH1

Carmen Carrera is an actress and model who has been married to Adrian Torres for eight years. Even though the couple is still in love, infidelity has plagued their relationship. Both of them have cheated, but Torres has copped to having multiple affairs.

Scott Stapp and Jaclyn Stapp

Scott Stapp Jaclyn
"Creed" singer Scott Stapp (left) had a devastating relapse in 2014 that forced his wife, Jaclyn, to file for divorce. VH1

Scott Stapp is the lead singer with the Grammy Award-winning band Creed. With two hit albums, Stapps admits he had the world at his fingertips, but addiction and mental health issues tore his marriage to Jaclyn apart. The couple have been together for nine years, but a devastating relapse by Scott led Jaclyn to file for divorce. To see if their marriage can be saved, the Stapps have opted to seek counsel from Dr. Jenn and her staff.

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