A national holiday means only one thing to Courtney Stodden: an opportunity to attract as much attention to herself as possible.

In her interpetation of the Thanksgiving spirit, “teen bride” Courtney Stodden posed in a semi-nude photo shoot.

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The vegetarian and animal activist held a turkey cut-out to cover up her bare body in the some of the photos where all the “Couples Therapy” star wore was pink lipstick. 

In some of the other photos, the 18-year-old starlet donned a grey PETA T-shirt that says “don’t eat turkey.”

It seemed that posing with the PETA T-shirt the most covered-up Stodden has appeared since she shot to infamy in 2011 for marrying 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison.

In some of the pictures where Stodden is wearing the “don’t eat turkey” shirt she’s also posing with her dog.

Her six-month-old Spanish greyhound pup is named Dourtney, a combination of Doug and Courtney.

On Wednesday she took to Twitter to write:

“I'm getting naked for the turkeys! --> Xo”

Before appearing on VH1’s “Couple’s Therapy” Stodden was best know for marrying a 51-year-old man when she was on 16 and posting extremely sexy pictures of herself on Twitter.

Now the reality star is trying to use her new-found fame to promote causes like animal rights. 

It seems evident that Courtney Stodden won’t be eating turkey on her Thanksgiving, maybe some tofurkey instead.

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