Fans of the hugely popular third installment of "American Horror Story," "Coven," are waiting on the edge of their seats as there are only three episodes left. Drama continues to unfold with these unpredictable witches, and just when you think you have it all figured out, you are hit with a shocking twist.

Wednesday night’s episode was no exception with the shocking death of Nan, who will not be returning for the final three episodes. She is no longer in the running for the contest ro be the next Supreme, obviously.

While Nan was murdered in the bathtub by Fiona and Marie Laveau, we see the two witches unite in a powerful and evil union. They have joined forces to fight the witch hunters, and it was revealed just how much damage they can do when their powers combine.

Meeting with another unfortunate fate was perhaps the most innocent of all witches, Misty Day, whose day was made with a guest appearance by Stevie Nicks early on the show with a serenade. Misty was hit over the head with a brick by Madison, and thrown into a coffin, as Madison still believes she will be the next Supreme. Madison will go to any lengths, it seems, to get what she believes is rightfully hers.

Still the favorite in the Supremacy race is Zoe, as explained by reporter Amanda Remling. Remling explains that she is the one who has shown the most promise, with the powers she possess continuing to grow. But she also has an interesting theory on how the show may end.

The tension between the witches only seems to grow with each episode as they all appear to have turned on each other, hungry for the role of the Supreme and ultimate power. Could Remling be right that these witches are their own worst enemies? Could they kill each other leaving only one standing, to take the role of Supreme, and that one standing be Zoe?

What we do know from a photo released on Twitter by co-creator Ryan Murphy is that Queenie and Misty Day will be returning to the hit show for the nail-biting finale. They are still contenders for the Supremacy. It seems fans will not have to wait too long, as the next in line to succeed Fiona will be revealed Jan. 29.