• Several countries have issued lockdown orders due to the pandemic
  • Persons are allowed to go out only on specific and valid reasons
  • Some have devised ways to sneak out, which included dressing as a bush

Health experts advising governments of different countries around the world say that social distancing and self-isolation are some of the measures that can help prevent further spread of the virus. As a result, countries like Spain, Italy, the UK, and even some US States, have issued their own lockdown orders, which include asking residents to stay home. Only essential workers are allowed to go out. This did not deter some folks from devising creative ways, such as dressing as a shrub, from sneaking out of their homes.

person dressed like shrub sneaks out during coronavirus lockdown person dressed like shrub sneaks out during coronavirus lockdown Photo: screengrab from Nicholas Murray A Shrubby Idea

Countries that issued a lockdown order have similar guidelines when it comes to valid reasons for going out of their homes. You can only go out for medical purposes or performing such for another who needs medical help, are performing essential work, or buying food, which should not be frequent.

Many have found this new normal a bit difficult to adjust to. This is probably why a home lockdown dweller in the UK decided to devise a creative way to sneak out. Dressed as a shrub, the person managed to sneak out and brought back what looked like a small grocery bag. It was not clear, though, if the person was male or female.

Like A Scene From The Movie

While the disguised individual might have evaded the watchful eyes of authorities manning the lockdown, the shrubby stunt did not escape the notice of some of the neighbors. Not only did the neighbors see what the person was doing, but they also captured it all on their camera.



According to young couple Nicholas Murray and Medeline Mai-Davies, they saw their neighbor attempting a breakout dressed as a bush. They immediately got their camera and recorded the bushy stunt. The young couple and the shrubby neighbor live in Stevenage in the UK.

Captured On Camera

After capturing everything on film, the young couple shared the clip on TikTok, where it garnered over 700,000 views. Murray also uploaded two other clips of the ingenious escape on social media and got another 122,000 views.

In the video, a shrub on two legs can be seen scurrying from the neighbor’s driveway to the other side of the road. The moving bush assumed a series of positions, such as crouching, ducking, lying prone, and many more, in an attempt to escape the notice of authorities and passersby.

A Humorous Break Amid A Crisis

The shrubby trick succeeded in its attempt to go to the other side of the road, perhaps buying something, then going back to the house. The video shows what looks like a grocery bag in the hand of the moving bush as it returned home.

What made it really funny was in the way the shrub ran, ducked, crouched, and lay down. In all fairness, the moving bush did look like an actual shrub when crouching beside a real one. Like what Murray said, his neighbor may have “taken things to new extremes.” He also said that he wanted to bring smile, hope, and laughter amid this crisis.