Bhasha Mukherjee cut her title duties short last month to return as a doctor to help treat patients infected by COVID-19. The current Miss England weighs in on her experiences in the emergency room only two weeks or less after donning the medical gown again.

According to Fox News, the current junior doctor is adjusting to life in the healthcare field once again, and that she’s coping with the day-to-day stress that the unprecedented situation is giving. She shared how she’s trying to cope with it, and how different it has been with her other experiences in the past.

Mukherjee also shared how the global crisis has changed everything — from the medical field to the other “old systems” elsewhere. She said that rules had to routinely change to keep up with the number of patients coming in. She added that there are anxieties each day as people don’t know whether they’ll get infected or not, and reminded it’s useful to look out for a person’s mental health too.

The beauty queen-doctor shared she wanted to help her friends in the medical field since winning the Miss England crown. She had wanted to come home from India at that time so that she can serve on the frontlines to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic, The Mirror reported.

When she was fulfilling her duties as Miss England, Mukherjee took time from her work at the Pilgrim Hospital in Boston, Lincolnshire, where she was working as a junior doctor. During that time, she was also in India, stranded like thousands of Brits who stayed there.

Now currently serving as a National Health Service (NHS) doctor, Mukherjee said she’s been able to find a balance between long shifts in the hospital and focusing on her public platform to do good. She has been busy on social media as well, highlighting various charities and also giving advice about taking care of one’s health and on proper medicines.

Mukherjee made sure to help her fellow frontliners through team-ups with various charities across Britain and India. Aside from providing meals to essential workers, they have also helped children affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

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