• James Anthony Paukovits, 28, threw feces at his stepfather's head and attacked his Audi TT sports car with a wrench
  • The former RAF serviceman wanted to hurt his stepfather emotionally for the emotional hurt he had caused him
  •  Paukovits was arrested twice for the two incidents and sentenced to 34 weeks in prison

A former British service member in Wales who tested positive for COVID-19 was sentenced to prison after throwing his body waste at his stepfather and thrashing his sports car.

James Anthony Paukovits, 28, threw a "handful" of his feces at his unnamed stepfather's head following an incident outside their home in Quarr Road on Sept. 2, the Wales Online reported.

The former Royal Air Force serviceman also attempted to goad his stepparent into starting a fight, according to prosecutor Tom Scapens.

Paukovits went out into the street and punched the wing mirror off his stepfather's Audi TT sports car and left.

It was later revealed that he also smeared feces on the property's kitchen window during the incident.

Paukovits was arrested on the day of the attack and was interviewed. He made admissions about his actions and described his victim as a "snake," but he claimed he could not remember everything that happened because he had smoked cannabis at the time.

Paukovits lived with his mother and stepfather at the family's Pontardawe home before the incident, but a breakdown in relationships resulted in him living in a garden shed as he was no longer welcome inside their house.

Paukovits' stepfather became concerned about any possible health implications from the Sept. 2 attack as his son had tested positive for COVID-19, the court was told.

Paukovits was released on bail on condition that he would live with his other father in Clydach and would not return to his mother's Pontardawe home — a condition he reportedly ignored on numerous occasions.

On one such occasion that happened on Dec. 10, Paukovits returned to his mother's address with a large wrench in defiance of his bail order.

He moved the surveillance cameras located outside the property and repeatedly struck the windscreen, roof and doors of his stepfather's previously damaged Audi TT "with a large amount of force."

The attack resulted in the car sustaining more than £6,000 ($7,925) in damages.

Paukovits was arrested again, and he admitted to attacking the car. He reportedly wanted to hurt his stepfather emotionally for the emotional hurt he had caused him.

Additionally, he explained that his biological father had kicked him out of his house in Clydach because of his use of cannabis.

Paukovits previously pleaded guilty to assault by beating and two counts of criminal damage when he appeared in the dock for sentencing.

Judge Catherine Richards, applying a one-third discount for Paukovits’ guilty pleas, sentenced him to 10 weeks in prison for the assault and another 24 weeks for the attack on the car to run consecutively.

Richards called Paukovits' feces throw a "disgusting assault" designed to cause fear of anxiety in his stepfather during the COVID-19 pandemic. The attack on the Audi was a "spiteful, revenge attack" against the victim, added the judge.

No separate penalty was imposed over the broken wing mirror.

Andrew Evans, who represented Paukovits, said his client was due to become a father for the second time and has realized that "he has to deal with a number of demons in his life before he can move on with his life and become a proper and appropriate parent."

Paukovits' offenses before the court were an "outpouring of emotion" that had built up over time, Evans explained.

Paukovits had six previous convictions for 13 offences, including assault occasioning actual bodily harm, possession of cannabis, criminal damage and battery.

He was handed a suspended prison sentence for dangerous driving and driving with a controlled drug above the specified limit in October 2020, which saw him deliberately crashing his car into an electric pole in Alltwen and flipping the vehicle onto its roof after taking cocaine.

Paukovits will spend up to half of his prison sentence in custody before he gets released on a license to serve the remainder in the community.

Representation. James Anthony Paukovits' attack on his stepfather's Audi TT sports car resulted in the vehicle suffering from £6,000 ($7,925) worth of damages. Pixabay