The number of mobile phones has outnumbered the world’s entire population. These statistics present great opportunities for you to tap into smartphone users’ growing dependence on different apps.

Luckily, you don’t need a degree or extensive knowledge in computer science to get the job done (but it would be a great plus if you have one!). There are plenty of tools available online to help you leave a mark in the growing mobile apps industry.

Say hello to AppPresser

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If you are looking for a great app builder, you should check out AppPresser. The tool is a great first step in having your custom app available in the market to help expand your business or reach more individuals. It gets the job done by integrating WordPress and creating a harmonious relationship with existing plugins. By merging a familiar concept (WordPress) with a new tool (app builder), you have in your hands a platform where you can make beautiful apps that’s aligned with your business image. 

AppPresser was born because it recognized that most businesses took advantage of WordPress to spread the word about what they do online. Its founders saw the potential of further enriching this stable ecosystem by adding the power to convert existing content and placing it into a brand new channel, a mobile application. 

Why AppPresser?

WordPress Integrating WordPress is the name of the game. Photo: Image by Werner Moser / Pixabay

It is feature-packed. This tool comes with a lot of features essential in building an application, especially if you don’t have any experience with coding or building a mobile app from scratch. It allows you to venture affordably into new places, like the Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.

It comes with an instant app preview. A really helpful feature, it allows for real-time viewing of what your app design will look like -- so you can tweak and adjust whenever needed. AppPresser also made sure you won’t need to relearn everything from the ground when building your new app. It makes use of the familiar customizer found on WordPress, so you can immediately hit the ground running. 

It has great synergy with WordPress. AppPresser is capable of combining all the tools and plugins found in WordPress. With such harmony, it creates boundless opportunities to fill your app with the features it needs. It then results in an app that can serve students, home cooks and entrepreneurs.

It quality checks your work. After working and finalizing your app, AppPresser will then test your handiwork against the various protocols set up by app stores before approving an app submission. So you can be sure that it is market-ready once it goes live.

Great Customization and Team Support

Team Custom plug-ins and backed-up by a team. Photo: Image by Mudassar Iqbal / Pixabay

AppPresser works well with WordPress. But if individuals and businesses need a little bit more power, it can deliver well! AppPresser has its own set of custom plugins and themes that can work with the needs of its users - whether as an individual or as a business entity. 

This service gives you an experienced and skilled team of app developers who knows what an outstanding mobile app needs to attract millions of users. With a devoted team, app development time is also reduced significantly as these professionals are capable of translating your thoughts into reality resulting in less back and forth to correct any errors.

Aside from skilled individuals working on your app, you also get unique plugins to play around with so you can be sure that your app will stand out among the crowd.

Purchase now!

Feature-packed, intuitive and a sense of familiarity. These, and more, are what’s in store for you when you invest in AppPresser. Now’s the perfect time to take that first step to bringing your business affordably to the iOS and Android app stores!