Another crop circle has appeared in Switzerland recently, and a UFO enthusiast claims that this is proof that aliens do visit the Earth every now and then.

Crop circles aren’t new. According to Live Science, people from years past claim that these crop formations have been “appearing” on Earth for centuries now, starting with the one that came from the legend known as the “mowing devil.”  Some also claim that the first crop circle was seen in 1966 in Australia. This crop circle, according to a farmer, was left by an alien saucer that took off and left a mark on a swampy area.

So far, nothing has been established as to the link between aliens and crop circles, which are but often aesthetically pleasing formations in fields. A UFO enthusiast, however, claims that these are linked.

Alien base?

In an entry on the ET Database, self-titled astrobiologist and UFO researcher Scott Waring said a farmer recently spotted another crop circle formation in Bern, Switzerland. The farmer said it measured about 50 meters across, and that it looks “beautiful and anything but ordinary.”

Waring believes that the crop circles are the “locations where UFOs have entered and exited alien bases,” implying that there might be alien bases under the ground. These bases, he claimed, would be located about five to six kilometers deep under the ground.

The UFOs landing on the crop circles, he said, would enter and exit that “base” by passing through a tubular space that had a platform that slowly went down like an elevator.

He then capped the outlandish claim by saying something more outlandish: “Aliens have control of everything and controlling dirt and grass is much easier than you might think.”

It’s all a prank

Waring’s outlandish yet creative claims seem to be at par with the creativity of two men who, in 1991, admitted to creating crop circles for decades simply because they want to fool people.

According to Live Science, these crop circles baffled everyone until the two men admitted they created them to fool people into believing that UFOs land there. While they weren’t responsible for creating all crop circles appearing in various places particularly in the U.K., they are the ones who started the crop circle phenomena.

Simply put, while alien theorists theorize that these circles are entry and exit points for aliens, they’re pranks created by those who want to make fun of people who fall for alien theories.