The famous cross-eyed opossum Heidi in Leipzig Zoo
The famous cross-eyed opossum Heidi in Leipzig Zoo. It is believed that Heidi's crossed eyes could have come from a poor diet when she was young, causing large fat deposits to form behind her eyes. REUTERS/Ho New

Following Octopus Paul’s fame during the World Cup, Germany is now counting on opossum Heidi to bring the city of Leipzig and Leipzig Zoo in the spotlight of world tourism thanks to Hollywood that has recruited Heidi to predict winners of the Academy Awards this year.

We're very happy about the appearance and hope that Heidi will not just represent the zoo but the city of Leipzig as well, Maria Saegebarth, spokesperson of Leipzig Zoo, where Heidi, lives was quoted as saying by Reuters.

According to the officials of Leipzig Zoo, Heidi will appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! show on channel ABC, which will broadcast the Oscars, scheduled for February 27.

The cross-eyed opossum came in media limelight last December when a German daily published her photo, while Facebook saw a dedicated fan page for Heidi that has now over 300000 fans.

Germany was much in spotlight during last year’s Football World Cup when Paul the octopus became a media sensation for his forecasts about match winners. Polar bear Knut in the Berlin zoo has been yet another animal attraction that has helped increase the number of visitors in Germany earlier.

The expectation from opossum Heidi is also running high among Germans and fans, as can be seen on Heidi’s Facebook fan page.

“Heidi I hope you have the predicting skill of poor departed Paul,” writes a fan, Stephen Guyers, on Heidi’s wall.