A new trailer for “The Crown” Season 2 focuses on the Queen’s sister Margaret. It seems Princess Margaret will be in a depression when the Netflix drama returns.

Last year, Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) wanted to marry Captain Peter Townsend (Ben Miles). They were in love, but he was divorced. Queen Elizabeth II (Claire Foy) is the head of the Church of England, and she could not change rules to let her sister marry a divorced man. Doing so would have been deemed hypocritical after Edward VIII had to abdicate the throne to marry his love (who was also a divorcee).

So it isn’t surprising that “The Crown” Season 2 will kick off with Margaret feeling downtrodden. “You need to be more careful about where you’re seen and with whom. You’re drinking far more than you used to,” the Queen admonishes.

The Crown
Tony (Matthew Goode) will start a romance with Margaret (Vanessa Kirby) in “The Crown” Season 2. Alex Bailey/Netflix

Margaret points out that this sadness is her sister’s fault. However, it doesn’t seem like she’ll be lonely for long. She’ll meet a handsome photographer, Anthony Armstrong-Jones (Matthew Goode), but it might not be a perfect match. In the video, the Queen tries to warn her sister.

“Are you sure that Tony’s the right man?” Elizabeth asks. “He’s a complicated man with a complicated past.”

Margaret wants to know if her sister is hiding some inside information on her new love.

Watch the trailer for “The Crown” Season 2 below:

“The Crown” creator Peter Morgan teased that Margaret’s happiness might not last for long. “She finds love and pain. I promise you, it’s properly painful,” Morgan told Vanity Fair in August. “Properly painful.”

He also promised that Kirby’s performance as Princess Margaret would impress viewers even more this year. “Vanessa explodes this season,” Morgan added. “We always knew she was a great actress, but she explodes. It’s a very identifiable tragedy, to have someone in the family with more apparent charisma and yet no use for it… I love writing her.”

“The Crown” Season 2 premieres Friday, Dec. 8 on Netflix.