“The Crown” Season 3 has yet to premiere, but the Netflix drama has already cast another big historical figure for Season 4. Margaret Thatcher will reportedly make her first appearance.

Gillian Anderson will play the politician, the Sunday Times reports. The actress is most recognizable as Scully from Fox’s “The X-Files,” but she also stars in Netflix’s recent critical darling, “Sex Education.”

“The Crown” Season 3 will start in 1964 and go until 1976, creator Peter Morgan confirmed (via Variety). While it isn’t known what the timeline for “The Crown” Season 4 will be, it’s safe to say it’ll run into Thatcher’s years as Prime Minister, 1979 to 1990.

The Crown Margaret Thatcher
"The Crown" Season 4 has cast an actress to play Margaret Thatcher. The real Thatcher is pictured speaking in 1984. Hulton Archive/Getty Images

It’s been over a year since “The Crown” Season 2 came out, and there’s still no premiere date announced for Season 3. However, fans know the show will bring some big changes when it returns. Claire Foy and Matt Smith have left the show. Olivia Colman and Tobias Menzies will take over as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip while Ben Daniels and Helena Bonham Carter will play Lord Snowdon and Princess Margaret.

Though this is a particularly long hiatus, there likely will be a shorter wait between “The Crown” Seasons 3 and 4. They are filming the seasons back-to-back. The Season 4 shoot is reportedly set to start in July.

Neither Netflix nor Anderson have confirmed the reports.

Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson is reportedly playing Margaret Thatcher in "The Crown." She is pictured at a BAFTA event in Beverly Hills, California, on Jan. 6, 2018. Chris Delmas/AFP/Getty Images