Who Is The CZUR Lens Pro Smart Scanner For?

  • The CZUR Lens Pro is a high-quality scanner that can also serve as a webcam or even a desk light
  • The Lens Pro takes up a fraction of the desk space a traditional scanner requires, and weighs under one pound
  • The Lens Pro software makes it easy to quickly edit scans right after they have been made
The CZUR Lens Pro looks weird, but is a surprisingly solid scanner

When I think of what a scanner looks like, I think of either a slim, but wide piece of standalone hardware, or I think of a bulky printer with an add-on feature built in. Both of these thoughts involve something that takes up a lot of desk or shelf space, and are annoying at best to use. However, CZUR has shown that the scanner doesn't have to be a huge, bulky device. The CZUR Lens Pro is a full-fledged scanner that creates high-resolution images in seconds while only weighing about a pound. It can also be folded up for easy storage.

That Is A Scanner?

Looking at the CZUR Lens Pro, it's easy to think the device is some unknown object. Even when unfolded, the Lens Pro looks like a strange desk lamp at best. Those unfamiliar with the Lens Pro may need to be walked through how the product works, as it is a little unintuitive compared to a more traditional scanner.

The CZUR Lens Pro scanner has a camera attached to the end of an arm that can swivel out from the base. This camera is what actually scans documents. Once the camera is pointed towards the ground, a document or object can be placed under it to start scanning. What's awesome about the Lens Pro is that because the camera is about a foot above whatever surface it is resting on, objects beyond paper can be easily scanned. This includes book pages, passports and even small toys.

That doesn't look like any scanner I've seen before

The Lens Pro uses a USB-C cable to connect to the scanner, and can connect to a PC or Mac via a USB-A connection. The included cable has a decent enough length to accommodate most desk setups, but a longer cable may be needed if someone wants to set up their Lens Pro a little further away on a side table or shelf.

The Lens Pro also comes with a plain black mat. This mat feels a bit like a mouse pad and has a small cut out section for the Lens Pro's base to fit in. While it isn't a requirement to scan something, the mat helps the Lens Pro's camera isolate whatever is being scanned. This isolation helps with image correction and identification, which we'll go into more detail on in the next section.

The Lens Pro when it is ready to start scanning

High Quality Scans

The scans created by the CZUR Lens Pro are pretty decent, and the Lens Pro really excels when scanning documents. The Lens Pro has software that the scanner uses to capture images, and this software has some features that make each scan higher quality and more usable.

A scan of a HelloFresh recipe card I had laying around

The best feature of the Lens Pro is its ability to identify what is being scanned and react to it. For example, if I put down a sheet of paper to be scanned, the Lens Pro software will automatically create a boundary around the paper. When I click the scan button, the Lens Pro knows to only scan the area in that boundary. Even better, the software will automatically straighten out the scan once it is finished, meaning documents don't need to be meticulously lined up to not appear off-axis.

There is a light on the Lens Pro's swivel arm as well, which helps illuminate the object being scanned. This light can be a little bright, especially with shiny objects. I scanned a glossy piece of paper using the Lens Pro, and the light caused enough of a glare to make part of the paper unreadable. Thankfully, the light can be turned off with the press of a button on the Lens Pro's base, and isn't required to make scans. That said, the light really helps the Lens Pro's camera identify the object being scanned.

How the recipe card appeared on screen before I scanned it

If I had to complain about something, it's that the scans from the Lens Pro, especially ones with color images, appear washed out. It's possible to tweak the scan with the Lens Pro's software, but it's something to keep in mind if planning on using the Lens Pro to scan images and photographs.

Doubles As A Webcam

One interesting feature the CZUR Lens Pro has is that its camera isn't exclusively for scanning items. The Lens Pro can also double as a video camera and webcam.

One of the settings in the Lens Pro's software is for what CZUR calls "visual presenter" mode. This mode turns the Lens Pro into a futuristic kind of overhead projector. With the camera pointed straight down at a table, the person working the Lens Pro can use the area under the camera as a workspace. Aside from classwork, the Visual Presenter mode is perfect for making unboxing videos, cooking demonstrations or anything else that benefits from an overhead view.

When folded up, the Lens Pro can be used as a webcam

Outside of the Lens Pro software, the scanner can be used as a more traditional webcam. This includes using the Lens Pro on Zoom calls and other video calling software. The Lens Pro works best for these uses when folded up, allowing the camera to point straight out instead of pointing down towards a surface.

While the camera is sharp and works well for videos and video calls, the microphone is a little on the weak side. My recordings have some rough noise in the background. In this case, "noise" means all the assorted sounds a microphone picks up alongside what it should be capturing. This causes videos made with the Lens Pro to have a very buzzy, muffled sound in the background, which could be distracting for some.

A closer look at the camera and light on the Lens Pro

Software Serves Multiple Uses

The CZUR Lens Pro has its own software that is used when scanning or making videos. The program is fairly easy to use and packs in a number of features beyond simply creating scans. For example, the Lens Pro software includes a number of features for making quick edits to scanned images alongside different scanning settings.

As far as different scanning settings go, there are three different resolutions for scans. The highest is 300 dpi, which really captures every detail of whatever is being scanned. The Lens Pro can also be set to capture only a selection of an object being scanned, like picking out a specific section of a document to highlight. Scans can be combined into a single image, and also can be set to appear in color, black and white, or use other filters.

Once a scan has been made, the Lens Pro software can be used to make quick edits before saving

Once an image is scanned, users can tap into the Lens Pro software's editing tools. These aren't as advanced as something like Photoshop, but it's still possible to quickly adjust things like contrast and sharpness, make changes to the color of the image and even add a watermark. I wouldn't suggest using the Lens Pro software for heavy editing, but it's great for making quick tweaks.

After all scanning and editing has finished, scans can be saved as images, be sent to a printer, or can be exported into a different filetype. The Lens Pro software allows for easy export into Word, Excel, PDF, searchable PDF and TIFF files.

The light on the Lens Pro can cause some glares

Unfortunately, the Lens Pro software did crash on me twice when using it on a Macbook. Some of my work was saved, but most of it was erased when having to force close the program. It seemed both crashes were caused by me turning on the light on the Lens Pro when trying to scan something.

Final Thoughts

The CZUR Lens Pro is a pretty surprising piece of hardware. It looks goofy, but has powerful performance both as a scanner and webcam. I really love how the Lens Pro automatically rotates scans to make them straight, though I do wish the scanner captured images a bit better than it does. Still, given how unobtrusive and quick the device is, the Lens Pro's quality is fine enough.

The CZUR Lens Pro is currently going through a round of crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Those who act quickly can get their own Lens Pro at the Super Early Bird price of $79, which is a whopping 60 percent off of the final retail price of $200. Shipping for the Lens Pro is expected in December of this year, and the scanner should be available elsewhere once the Indiegogo campaign has come to a close.