The father of an apparent Nick Jonas fan has gone viral after the man unwittingly sat next to the former Jonas Brothers member during a recent Delta Air Lines flight. Deanna Hall, a student at the University of South Florida, shared a tweet about the exchange with her father on Twitter.

“When your Dad sits next to Nick Jonas on an airplane and has no idea who is,” Hall tweeted Sunday to her 600 followers.

“Who is Nick Jonas?” the man asked his daughter in the screen-grabbed exchange.

“A famous singer. I love him,” she responded, noting his former band with his brothers.

“He is sitting beside me on the plane,” Hall’s father wrote.

In a string of texts in all caps, Hall requested her father send a photo with the heartthrob as well as get his autograph.


In two images shared with his daughter, Hall’s father can be seen sitting next to Jonas, who smiled. As of Thursday afternoon, the tweet had been “liked” hundreds of thousands of times and was retweeted by 49,000 users.

“Yeah ur dad was so confused lol.. it was cute!!” wrote one commenter who claimed to have been working on the same flight.

“Omg this is so precious,” another user responded. “I love how you switched to capitalised letters once you knew your day was next to him bc I'd have done the same.”

Several asked whether the girl’s father was able to get an autograph, but Hall responded that he did not.

Delta Air Lines commented on the viral incident in a statement to International Business Times.

“Delta’s takes pride in its goal of connecting customers both around the globe as well as to the person seated next to them,” the airline said.

Jonas had not responded to the viral incident as of Thursday, but the 24-year-old multi-hyphenate has been active on social this week. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, which devastated Houston with unprecedented flooding during the past week, Jonas has been campaigning across his social media accounts to raise funds for the Houston Food Bank.

“Been working on ways we can help Houston, so @ddlovato @DNCE @Philymack and I are partnering with @CrowdRise to help raise money for @HoustonFoodBank to support their efforts in bringing aid to the victims,” the star wrote Wednesday on Instagram. “I've donated already and would love for your help in donating what you can too. Added the direct link to my bio. Praying for you Houston.”