WARNING: The article contains spoilers regarding the premiere of the TNT TV show, Dallas.

No point in drowning your sorrows. It'll all still be here tomorrow when you come to. JR Ewing proved that, in Dallas, some things never change.

The revamped remake of Dallas, the juicy 1980s soap opera that shaped an entire genre of dramatic primetime television, premiered Wednesday night and all the torments and turbulence that rocked Dallas from 1978 through 1991 are still rocking in 2012.

The 2012 version of Dallas features the most important original characters, the Ewings. J.R. (Larry Hagman), Bobby (Patrick Duffy) and Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) each make his or her comeback in the new series. But in the new TV show, the returning male characters have become fathers. A main focus is on the rivalry between cousins John Ross (Josh Henderson), son of J.R. and ex-wife Sue Ellen, and Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe), adopted son of Bobby.

Greed, lust and a whole heap of drama are the perfect fixings for a mouth-watering primetime soap. Here are the highlights from the series premiere of Dallas 2012 and the lingering questions keeping us guessing until next week.

Episode 1:

One of the main plotlines of Dallas 2012 is the relationship between cousins John Ross and Christopher.

John Ross is the son of J.R. and Sue Ellen and a carbon copy of his old man. John Ross wants to prove himself in the oil business. He is a steadfast oil driller hungry for success. He wants to prove his manhood to his father and clench the Ewing Oil empire as his own.

Christopher is the adopted son of Bobby and Pam. Growing up, he was consistently reminded by John Ross that he was never a real Ewing, but the two were best friends before John Ross left for Europe. Christopher remained home in Texas, working to build pride in the Ewing name. He is a champion for alternative fuel sources, after having studied the potential in Asia, and wants to help change the world for good.

The Dallas premiere opens with John Ross finding oil on Southfork. Ross is with Elena, daughter of the Southfork Ranch's chef. She grew up on the ranch with John Ross and Christopher, and the three were best friends. Christopher eventually stole her heart, and the two were once engaged to be married; but a misunderstanding broke them up and Christopher is now engaged to Rebecca, whom he met while studying in Asia. Elena has dreams of her own, hoping to make her imprint in the energy world.

The Ewing family gathers at the Southfork Ranch in preparation for Christopher's wedding. John Ross wants to drill for oil on the ranch but Bobby and Christopher are adamantly against it. Bobby has other things on his mind. It is revealed that the Ewing brother has cancer; gastrointestinal tumors, specifically. He wants to sell Southfork to keep a family feud from erupting.

One of the most moving opening scenes is when Bobby goes to visit his brother, J.R., in the hospital. At the end of the original series, J.R. was contemplating suicide after his life spiraled out of control. Bobby tells J.R. that he misses him and always loved him. Later, it is revealed that J.R. is up to his old scheming ways and hopes to snatch Southfork out from under Bobby, who took control of it after J.R. lost his business.

But John Ross has plans of his own. He wants to prove himself to his powerful daddy. So he hands a legal injunction to Bobby over the sale of Southfork, hoping to overturn his grandmother Miss Ellie's will on grounds of incompetence.

Christopher is not willing to give up his fight for the land. But, when he finds out that his idea of methane drilling might have caused an earthquake in Asia, he is unsure of his own future. He tells Elena about the problem, as the two have worked together in the past.

John Ross goes to see his father in the care center where he has been living. John Ross laments about Southfork and how the land should be his. Talk of vengeance makes J.R. come alive again and, in no time at all, he is up to his devious ways.

On the day of Christopher's wedding, more revelations are disclosed.

The beautiful Marta Del Sol enters the picture, meeting with Bobby to discuss the purchase and preservation of Southfork.

Elena meets with Christopher alone when he accuses her of telling John Ross about the methane drilling earthquakes. She denies telling John Ross and brings up their broken relationship. She mentions the email she received from him on the night before their wedding, saying that he could not go through with the vows. Christopher tells her that he never wrote that email. He waited six hours for her, searched for her and then found that she had left for Mexico. All this time, Elena thought she wasn't good enough for him because she is the chef's daughter. John Ross eventually found Elena in Mexico.

Christopher eventually confronts John Ross at the wedding. Running up to him, shoving him and saying: I know what you did!

Christopher and Rebecca eventually marry, as Elena watches. Where is Elena's heart? Is she using John Ross for her professional gain or is it deeper than that? Is she still in love with Christopher? Will Christopher's career collapse if the problems with the methane drilling are not immediately fixed?

John Ross gets drunk after the wedding and meets with his father in a hotel room, where he sees Marta. Marta is working with J.R. behind Bobby's back.

Episode 2:

The second episode of the two-hour Dallas premiere opens with Christopher and Rebecca on their honeymoon. The camera switches between scenes of them making love and Elena sitting alone in bed wondering what could have been.

Elena might currently be an item with John Ross, but it is quickly revealed that his loyalty is nonexistent. John Ross is in cahoots with Marta behind both Bobby's and his father's acts. After John Ross, Marta and J.R. have lunch to discuss stealing Southfork from Bobby, John Ross and Marta are seen kissing in the parking lot.

John Ross goes to see Elena, who had been ignoring his calls, and he is confronted about the email. John Ross denies ever writing that email. He comes to the realization that she is only with him because Christopher broke up with her. Otherwise, the two would have been married.

Christopher approaches Bobby to ask for control of the ranch, but Bobby says that the deal with Marta has already been done. John Ross continues to scheme for the ranch behind the scenes, visiting with Mitch Lobell who has been helping him get control; however, Mitch has some ideas of his own. He wants $2 million instead of $500,000, or else he is going to tell J.R. everything.

Elena visits Sue Ellen to ask for her support for a bank loan to buy oil leases. Sue Ellen, though, believes in Elena, and sees herself in the young woman. She offers to front her the money for her project and invites her to the Cattleman's Ball with her.

At the Cattleman's Ball, J.R. steps out in public for the first time. Bobby is shocked to see his sickly brother. J.R. thanks him for visiting and says that even though it seemed like he wasn't listening, he heard every word. Of course, the audience knows J.R. is plotting behind Bobby's back -- so this gesture is moot.

J.R.'s most sincere moment comes when he sees Sue Ellen. He approaches her and congratulates her on her professional success. You are still the prettiest girl at the ball, he says, adding that she would make a great governor.

John Ross finds Elena and insists he did not write that email, but she says she wants to take a break from their romance. John Ross goes outside and finds Marta. The two begin kissing and move to a hotel room. He tells her that he needs $100,000 to pay off Mitch. She turns her back to pour him scotch and drugs his drink. John Ross becomes unsteady and Marta continues the seduction, while a video camera records it all. Why the recording? This curious move proves that Marta is just as devious as the boys.

John Ross wakes up, having no idea what happened. She gives him the money for Mitch and reminds him, In my county, we don't feed stray dogs.

Christopher goes to see Elena and asks her to work with him on his alternative energy project. As he steps into her house, the camera reveals that Rebecca's brother Tommy, who just snagged a job at Southfork, saw the entire exchange.

Still, compassion is hard to offer in this instance. It is revealed that Christopher's new wife and her brother are actually out for their own personal gain. Tommy says things like there is a ton of money on the line and toasts to their mutual success. What are these two up to? Did good girl Rebecca ever love Christopher?

The series premiere of Dallas ends when J.R. goes to Mexico alone to find Marta's father and plan a deal by himself. He saw John Ross and Marta kissing in the parking lot and does not want any more middlemen between him and his chance at Southfork. When he gets to Mexico and meets with Carlos Del Sol, he finds out Carlos had no knowledge of a deal.

Carlos calls in his daughter Marta to inquiry more about the Southfork purchase, but when Marta walks in, J.R. sees that it is a completely different woman! Who is the Marta he has been dealing with?

With that major cliffhanger, the premiere of Dallas ends.

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