His character has so far helped one of the main protagonists from Freeform's "The Bold Type" finally achieve a milestone that had been sorely missing from her life up until that point. However, just because Ryan, a.k.a Pinstripe, may be great for Jane in some ways doesn't mean that a happy future is guaranteed for the pair.

In an interview with International Business Times, Dan Jeannotte, who portrays Ryan, the sexy sex and relationships writer for Pinstripe magazine, revealed that there will be moments where his character and Jane (Katie Stevens) may still struggle when it comes to defining their relationship and what it really means.

"As far as Ryan and Jane go, we get to see them kind of stumbling through the opening phases of a relationship, trying to figure out what they mean to each other and if this is something more," he told IBT. "Is it a fling, or has it got real relationship potential? I think the audience wants to see them together, but Jane struggles with it. Is it just a friends-with-benefits type of relationship, and is she okay with that?"

However, while the two characters may struggle to figure things out, Jeannotte does promise that it will be worth watching for viewers.

"We do get to have some fun and sexy scenes which were very funny to shoot, but I think come across pretty well," he said. "They're a good mixture of kind of hot, but also kind of silly, so I think it will be fun for the audience to see."

Jeannotte also discussed the possibility of things going well for the two, teasing they were "compatible," when it came to his ability to give Jane an orgasm, and admitted that it would be fun to see how things played out if a romance led to Ryan joining Jane at Scarlet.

"I think it would be very interesting to see Ryan within the Scarlet atmosphere," he said. "It would be a very cool thing to see, because even though he and Jane have this developing relationship, it's still a little bit of a push-pull thing. It's still an entry kind of thing. I think seeing them actually working together would actually be very fun and funny, and I hope that would happen."

Of the scenes that he and Stevens shot for the series, Jeannotte admitted that they all have been great experiences, including a particular part of the show's second episode, which saw Jane having a pornographic fantasy, which Ryan starred in. 

Though things remained PG and the scene was cut short in the show, Jeannotte now admits there was initially a bit more to it and that they had an interesting experience while they shot it.

"It might be interesting for audiences to know that we actually filmed more than what appears in the episode," he said. "It got a little bit more physical when we filmed it, but then we decided it was funny with just kind of a glimpse of a fantasy moment. But we basically had to start filming a porn scene, PG of course, but it started off like that. It was fun cracking up about that a few times."

"The Bold Type" airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Freeform.