English auto racing driver, Dan Wheldon, died following a fiery racing accident on Sunday at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

At 33, the winner of the 2011 Indianapolis 500 was a rising star and a very popular Indycar racing champion.

The accident occurred during the lap 11 of the race where his vehicle burst into flames after a 15-car pileup. He was immediately airlifted to a local hospital but was unable to survive due to serious injuries.

I'll tell you, I've never seen anything like it, the Huffington Post quoted Ryan Briscoe stating. The debris we all had to drive through the lap later, it looked like a war scene from Terminator or something. I mean, there were just pieces of metal and car on fire in the middle of the track with no car attached to it and just debris everywhere. So it was scary, and your first thoughts are hoping that no one is hurt because there's just stuff everywhere. Crazy.

This has been the first fatal accident in an Indycar race following the 2006 Paula Dana accident at Homestead.

Married to Susie Behm, Wheldon is the father of two sons: Sebastian and Oliver. Take a look at the glimpses of the horrifying accident below: