The cast of “Dance Moms” is headed down under! As part of a continuation of Season 5 of the hit Lifetime reality series, Abby Lee Miller and her elite junior team (as well as their moms) will be headed to Sydney, Australia, for a two episode special set to begin airing on the network May 19.

Lifetime confirmed the episodes premiere dates during the Season 5 reunion special “Seeing Stars” Tuesday. The first installment, titled “Dance Moms Down Under, Part 1,” will air this coming Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT. Part two will premiere the following week on Tuesday, May 26, at 9 p.m. EDT.

“I take my team a lot of places… I have masterclasses, I have a showcase where the girls will perform,” Abby dished of her plans for the ALDC’s big trip during the reunion show. 

While the moms confirmed that all of the ALDC dancers, including newcomer JoJo Siwa, will be in attendance for the special event, not all of the girls will be appearing at Abby’s masterclasses and showcases on the show. Dance mom Holly Frazier revealed that her daughter Nia was left out of few appearances. 

“She is part of ALDC, but she is not included, she is excluded,” Holly said. “If Abby does not want to embrace the talents of Nia as a member of her team… I will make my own opportunities for Nia as I did in L.A.”

And it appears Holly will stay true to her word. In a promo video for the special, Nia, who recently released the music video for her single "Star in Your Own Life," can be seen making her debut performance onstage in Australia with just one teammate, JoJo, by her side. Other dramatic scenes showcased in the trailer includes the girls appearance at the 2015 ASTRA Awards, an argument between dance moms Melissa Gisoni and Kira Girard, as well as some tense back-stage moments.

Will you tune in for the "Dance Moms" Australia special? Do you think Abby should have included all of the ALDC girls in her events? Tell us in the comments section below!