chloe lukasiak
Chloe Lukasiak, wearing items from her JustFab winter collection, sounds off about “Dance Moms.” JustFab

When “Dance Moms” aired its season finale this fall, the future of the competition series was unclear. With lead coach Abby Lee Miller in prison and the stars of the long-running series hinting the Lifetime series was coming to an end, it seemed a cancellation was certain.

However, star Chloe Lukasiak tells International Business Times she hasn’t completely closed the door on the program which initially brought her to fame.

“I would be open to considering it,” Chloe told IBT via email when asked if she would return to the program should it be renewed. “Not a definite yes or a definite no but I have some other things that I am working on at the moment,” she added.

Chloe did, say, however, that if the show were to end with Season 7, she would feel satisfied with the most recent finale, calling her final filming experiences “extremely happy.”

“I got to have closure,” the 16-year-old explained. “I got to have that final moment with some of my best friends. I also got to work with an awesome choreographer (Cheryl Burke). What more could you ask for?”

While it looks like “Dance Moms” viewers will have to play the waiting game to find out if the show will make a comeback, it is clear that Chloe isn’t waiting around for a renewal. After all, there are rumors flying that Lifetime could replace the entire cast for Miller.

The Pittsburgh native previously dished to IBT about her new winter line with JustFab and her New Year’s plans, and based on her answers, it’s clear Chloe has tons of dreams for 2018 that don’t involve the reality series.

“I’d like to continue working on my acting skills, obviously dancing,” she dished. “And now that I’m back on YouTube, I hope to be posting very consistently through this new year.”