Abby Lee Miller's New Team
Abby Lee Miller at a season 4 "Dance Moms" audition. Lifetime/Karolina Wojtasik

Abby Lee Miller dedicated season four of "Dance Moms" to finding her new elite junior team, and for 15 episodes, has threatened her ALDC dancers with the idea of taking away their coveted competition spots. Unfortunately for the young elite competitors and their equally competitive moms, it appears D-Day has arrived for the Lifetime reality-TV stars.

On the upcoming midseason finale episode of “Dance Moms" called “Presenting My New Team,” Miller, 47, brings in a group of five new dancers and their mothers to form her long-awaited dream team. Joined by longtime “Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler, 11, the new girls are expected to go head-to-head on Tuesday. The dancers placed first last year at a competition held Feb. 15-16 in Youngstown, Ohio.

But the question remains: Will the five news girls take over any of the fan favorite dancer's coveted spots? I guess we will just have to wait and see! In the meantime, meet the five newest ALDC dancers: Ava Cota, Sarah Reasons, Jade Cloud, Kamryn Beck, and Tea' Adamson before the midseason finale:

Ava Cota

Ava Cota was one of the few to make it through Abby Lee Miller’s New York casting call during season four's episode “Big Trouble in the Big Apple.” Ava, 11, and her mother, Jeanette Cota, owner of Broadway Dance Academy, in Fenton, Mich., made an drama-filled reappearance during episode 10 for questioning ALDC dancer Kendall’s talents, a comment which led to a dance-off. According to a profile on the young performer in the, the competitive dancer’s middle school principal Julie Brown describes her as being “very grounded.”

Ava is expected to not only compete with Miller’s new ALDC team on the midseason finale but she will also dance in a duet with fellow newcomer, Sarah Reasons. If rumors are to be believed, the duo’s contemporary number placed first in their division.

Sarah Reasons

Ava's duet partner, Sarah Reasons, was also recognized by Miller at one of her recent auditions. Sarah, a 13-year-old Arizona native, first made an appearance on “Dance Moms” during season four, episode five, showcasing her talents at Miller’s open call in Atlanta. Unlike her duet partner, Sarah reportedly already had ties to the ALDC team. According to the Dance Moms Wikia page, Reasons hails from Club Dance Studio in Mesa, Ariz., the same studio as “Dance Moms” star Kalani Hilliker.

Jade Cloud

Jade Cloud, also 13, hails from New England and is the daughter of New England Dance and Gymnastics Centers owner/director, Miss Loree. Adopted from Vietnam, Jade is trained by her mother, who was hailed “dance teacher of the year” by Dance Educators of America. Like former “Dance Moms” star Brooke Hyland, Cloud appears talented in contortion and acrobatics. According to the center's official site, Jade, and other students, have previously outperformed “Dance Moms” stars at competitions in West Virginia and Lancaster, Pa., which was shown in season four of the series.

Kamryn Beck

Kamryn Beck is a student with Krystie’s Dance Academy in Warren, Ohio. The Midwest native, last recognized by her studio for her top-scoring lyrical performance at a StarQuest competition entitled “This Paper Skin,” is active on social media. Not only has Kamryn posted pictures with ALDC teacher, Gianna Martello, and MacKenzie's sister, Maddie, who is also a dancer, but she also shares original numbers and technique “trick tip” tutorials on her own YouTube channel, KDAdancer100.

The 13-year-old newcomer is rumored to have snagged a solo performance during the midseason finale episode, walking away with a first place win for her teen division's lyrical number.

Tea’ Adamson

Tea' Adamson, the youngest of the new ALDC team, 9 or 10 years old, according to the Dance Moms Wikia website. (Her official birthdate is unknown.) While some “Dance Moms” fans may think Tea's age may make her direct competition with longtime ALDC star Mackenzie Ziegler, 9, the duo appear to be friendly. Tea' even shared an image last month of herself posing with Mackenzie, including the tagline: “Miss my Kenzie.” According to Tea's Instagram page, she performs for both her original studio, Robin Dawn Dance Academy in Cape Coral, Fla., and Miller’s ALDC in Pittsburgh.