Kendall Vertes had her work cut out for her on Tuesday’s Season 5 installment of “Dance Moms.” After beating teammate JoJo Siwa in episode 28's competition, coach Abby Lee Miller had her go against her star student in "Baby Dance Mama Drama." 

During the weekly pyramid in episode 29, Abby announces to Kendall, 12, that she will be going head-to-head against Maddie Ziegler. With JoJo, 11, officially out of the running for a chance to perform a solo at nationals, Abby tells the ALDC (Abby Lee Dance Company) girls that whoever places higher with their routine will be up for a solo spot at the annual event. 

"It's you versus Maddie," Abby warns Kendall. "You have to know that Maddie's been beaten before. It's not impossible. But is it possible for Kendall?"

During their practice session Abby gave Maddie, 12, a contemporary solo titled “The Woods.” Abby, who proclaims the number a possible big winner for Maddie, says she will act as a "hauntingly beautiful" tree that comes to life. Kendall is given a tricky, new-age routine that requires the use of a scarf. Abby tells Kendall that if she drops her prop, Maddie will most likely win.

Kendall’s mom, Jill Vertes, makes it clear she was not a fan of Kendall’s accessory, saying it "lends itself for error." However, according to Abby, the scarf is only an added bonus to Kendall's overall performance skills. "I love this idea. I think it really lends something to Kendall's dancing. It makes it more interesting to look at," she says.

When it comes time for the big day, both girls compete their routines. Unfortunately for Kendall, she fails to catch the scarf during her dance, "Blowing Red." Despite the slight misstep, she still manages to place second in the pre-teen division at Sheer Talent in Spokane, Washington. Maddie’s routine earns her the first-place spot. But she isn't the only winner!

The ALDC's musical theater group routine, “Always a Bridesmaid,” took home first-place. Maddie’s sister, Mackenzie, then 10, placed first in the junior division with her colorful acro solo, “Bats—t Crazy.” 

So, which ALDC member will compete a solo at nationals? While the Ziegler sisters are in the lead, there are still two weeks left until the big competition. Fans will have to stay tuned to find out!

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