Kalani Hilliker's spot with the ALDC remains uncertain. Pictured: The "Dance Moms" star performs at ALDC LA in Santa Monica, California, May 30, 2015. Lifetime

Abby Lee Miller is back… at least, for now. After being missing in action for rehearsals and pyramid during Season 6, episode 7 of Lifetime's “Dance Moms,” the coach vowed to return in next week’s installment. Her return, however, appears to have a catch or two.

In episode 7, “Debbie Allen to the Rescue,” Abby refuses to teach her elite junior team. When the moms suggest up and moving to a new studio, preferably Debbie Allen’s Dance Academy, Abby advises them to do just that.

Under the instruction of Abby’s assistant, Gianna Martello, and the emotional guidance of Debbie, the girls complete their weekly routine, “Well-Oiled Machine.” After arriving in Phoenix for the weekly competition, Abby finally makes an appearance. When she comes face-to-face with her dancers, she tells them she needs them to be able to perform even when she isn’t present.

Abby, who is in the middle of an ongoing legal battle, tells the cameras she’s trained her students well enough to not have to be there to dictate their every move.

“I’ve done my job in the first three of four years with this elite junior competition team. They should be on auto pilot," she says. "They should be able to walk in that room, warm up and stretch. They should be able to take choreography and take instruction from any other teacher in my school and they should look amazing.”

Following the ALDC elite junior team’s winning performance at Sheer Talent, the moms ask Abby if she plans to teach the following week. “Unless a truck runs me over,” she tells the moms with a smile.

After Brynn Rumfallo fails to place with her solo routine, her mom, Ashlee, asks Abby if her daughter will be able to retain her spot on the team. Abby says with the return of her star dancer Maddie Ziegler, Brynn’s future with the group remains uncertain.

“Well Maddie’s back, so I think Brynn is on probation,” she says.

Kalani Hilliker’s mom, Kira Girard, makes it clear that if Ashlee comes back, she will not be a part of the ALDC. Her declaration followed comments made by Ashlee about her alleged criminal history and Kalani’s dance talents in episode 7.

“I’m not coming back as long as she’s there,” Kira, who has been absent taking care of her newborn son in Season 6, warns.

Will Brynn become a member of the ALDC? Will Kalani and Kira return to “Dance Moms”? Tune in Tuesday, Feb. 23, for Season 6, episode 8 at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime.